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ACSD_ColumnDialog=Choose the Columns to Display in the List
ACSD_IssueTable=Lists all issues returned by the query
ACSN_ColumnDialog=Change Visible Columns
ACSN_IssueTable=List of issues
CTL_Issue_Summary_Desc=Issue Summary
LBL_ColumnDialogDesc=Choose the Columns to Display in the List
LBL_ColumnDialogTitle=Change Visible Columns
MSG_IssueStatusModified=- this issue is modified -
MSG_IssueStatusNew=- this issue is new
MSG_IssueStatusObsolete=- this issue doesn't belong to the query anymore
issueModifiedFormat=<font color="#0000FF">{0}</font>
issueNewFormat=<font color="#00b400">{0}</font>
issueObsoleteFormat=<font color="#999999"><s>{0}</s></font>
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