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 package org.netbeans.modules.kenai.ui.spi;
Main access point to Kenai's Build API. All methods except those returning an Action or ActionListener are allowed to block indefinetely as they will be called outside AWT thread. However the Dashboard UI may declare appropriate service(s) as unreachable after some configurable time out interval.

S. Aubrecht
public abstract class BuildAccessor {

Obtains the default accessor for the system from lookup.

the default instance, or a dummy fallback (never null)
    public static BuildAccessor getDefault() {
        BuildAccessor dflt = Lookup.getDefault().lookup(BuildAccessor.class);
        if (dflt == null) {
            dflt = new BuildAccessor() {
                public boolean isEnabled(ProjectHandle project) {
                    return false;
                public List<BuildHandlegetBuilds(ProjectHandle project) {
                    return Collections.emptyList();
                public ActionListener getNewBuildAction(ProjectHandle project) {
                    return null;
        return dflt;

Checks whether build-related UI should even be shown for this project.
    public abstract boolean isEnabled(ProjectHandle project);
Retrieve the list of builds in given project.

a list of builds (never null)
    public abstract List<BuildHandlegetBuildsProjectHandle project );


Action to invoke when user clicks 'New Build...' button, or null to disable
    public abstract ActionListener getNewBuildActionProjectHandle project );
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