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CTL_DiffPanel_Title={0} [ Diff ]
CTL_ShowDiffSidebar=Show &Diff Sidebar
LBL_DiffPane_WorkingCopy=Working Copy
TT_Delete_Added_Text=Delete Added Text
TT_GoToNextDifference=Go To Next Difference
TT_GoToPreviousDifference=Go To Previous Difference
TT_LinesAdded=1#{0} line added|2#{0} lines added
TT_LinesChanged=1#{0} line changed|2#{0} lines changed
TT_LinesDeleted=1#{0} line deleted|2#{0} lines deleted
TT_Open_Diff_Window=Open Diff Window
TT_Replace_With_Original_Text=Replace With Original Text
TT_Restore_Original_Text=Restore Original Text
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