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HINT_DownloadServiceWsdl=<html>Warning: All changes made in customization editor will be lost.</html>
HINT_DownloadWsdl=<html>Warning: All changes made in customization editor will be lost. <br>Also, if you change the location of the original wsdl, client <br>invocations may not work and you will need to change references<br>to the WSDL location in your application.</html>
HINT_RefreshClient=<html>This action will refresh the client node and may regenerate Java classes from WSDL.<br>User code that use these classes may need to be adjusted.</html>
HINT_RefreshService=This action will refresh the service node and re-generate java classes from WSDL.
HINT_RegenerateImplClass=Note: the old implementation class will be renamed to "{0}".
MSG_ConfirmClientRefresh=Confirm Client Refresh
MSG_ConfirmServiceRefresh=Confirm Service Refresh
MSG_DownloadWsdl=Also replace local &wsdl file with original wsdl located at:
MSG_RegenerateImplClass=Also &re-generate implementation class
USG_WEBSVC_ACTION=Used Web Service Action [WS Stack: {0}, Action: {1}]
USG_WEBSVC_WIZARD=Used Web Service Wizard [WS Stack: {0}, Project: {1}, J2EE Module Version: {2}, Wizard Type: {3}, Option: {4}]
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