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farmWarDeployer.alreadyDeployed=webapp [{0}] are already deployed.
farmWarDeployer.deleteFail=Failed to delete [{0}]
farmWarDeployer.deployEnd=Deployment from [{0}] finished.
farmWarDeployer.fileCopyFail=Unable to copy from [{0}] to [{1}]
farmWarDeployer.hostOnly=FarmWarDeployer can only work as host cluster subelement!
farmWarDeployer.hostParentEngine=FarmWarDeployer can only work if parent of [{0}] is an engine!
farmWarDeployer.mbeanNameFail=Can't construct MBean object name for engine [{0}] and host [{1}]
farmWarDeployer.modInstall=Installing webapp [{0}] from [{1}]
farmWarDeployer.modInstallFail=Unable to install WAR file
farmWarDeployer.modRemoveFail=No removal
farmWarDeployer.msgIoe=Unable to read farm deploy file message.
farmWarDeployer.msgRxDeploy=Receive cluster deployment path [{0}], war [{1}]
farmWarDeployer.msgRxUndeploy=Receive cluster undeployment from path [{0}]
farmWarDeployer.removeFailLocal=Local remove from [{0}] failed
farmWarDeployer.removeFailRemote=Local remove from [{0}] failed, other manager has app in service!
farmWarDeployer.removeLocal=Removing webapp [{0}]
farmWarDeployer.removeLocalFail=Unable to remove WAR file
farmWarDeployer.removeStart=Cluster wide remove of web app [{0}]
farmWarDeployer.removeTxMsg=Send cluster wide undeployment from [{0}]
farmWarDeployer.renameFail=Failed to rename [{0}] to [{1}]
farmWarDeployer.sendEnd=Send cluster war deployment path [{0}], war [{1}] finished.
farmWarDeployer.sendFragment=Send cluster war fragment path [{0}], war [{1}] to [{2}]
farmWarDeployer.sendStart=Send cluster war deployment path [{0}], war [{1}] started.
farmWarDeployer.servicingDeploy=Application [{0}] is being serviced. Touch war file [{1}] again!
farmWarDeployer.servicingUneploy=Application [{0}] is being serviced and can't be removed from backup cluster node
farmWarDeployer.started=Cluster FarmWarDeployer started.
farmWarDeployer.stopped=Cluster FarmWarDeployer stopped.
farmWarDeployer.undeployEnd=Undeployment from [{0}] finished.
farmWarDeployer.undeployLocal=Undeploy local context [{0}]
farmWarDeployer.watchDir=Cluster deployment is watching [{0}] for changes.
fileNewFail=Unable to create [{0}]
warWatcher.cantListWatchDir=Cannot list files in WatchDir "{0}": check to see if it is a directory and has read permissions.
warWatcher.checkWarResult=WarInfo.check() returned {0} for {1}
warWatcher.checkingWar=Checking WAR file {0}
warWatcher.checkingWars=Checking WARs in {0}
warWatcher.listedFileDoesNotExist={0} was detected in {1} but does not exist. Check directory permissions on {1}?
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