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BUNDLE_ACTIVATOR_EXCEPTION=Exception in {0}.{1}() of bundle {2}.
BUNDLE_CNFE_NOT_RESOLVED=Cannot load "{0}" because the bundle "{1}" cannot be resolved.
BUNDLE_CONTEXT_INVALID_EXCEPTION=BundleContext is no longer valid
BUNDLE_EXTENSION_PERMISSION=Extension bundles must have AllPermission assigned.
BUNDLE_FRAGMENT_CNFE=A fragment bundle cannot load classes: {0}
BUNDLE_FRAGMENT_START=A fragment bundle cannot be started: {0}
BUNDLE_FRAGMENT_STOP=A fragment bundle cannot be stopped: {0}
BUNDLE_INSTALL_RECURSION_EXCEPTION=Bundle is already being installed
BUNDLE_INSTALL_SAME_UNIQUEID=Bundle "{0}" version "{1}" has already been installed from: {2}
BUNDLE_INVALID_ACTIVATOR_EXCEPTION=The activator {0} for bundle {1} is invalid
BUNDLE_LOADER_ATTACHMENT_ERROR=Cannot attach fragment bundle "{0}" to resolved host "{1}". Try refreshing the host bundle.
BUNDLE_NOT_IN_FRAMEWORK=The bundle does not exist in the framework: {0}
BUNDLE_NO_CLASSPATH_MATCH=The Bundle-ClassPath does not have any matching entries
BUNDLE_READ_EXCEPTION=An error occurred trying to read the bundle
BUNDLE_REFRESH_FAILURE=PackageAdmin.refreshPackages failed to complete
BUNDLE_STATE_CHANGE_EXCEPTION=State change in progress for bundle "{0}" by thread "{1}".
BUNDLE_SYSTEMBUNDLE_UNINSTALL_EXCEPTION=The System Bundle cannot be uninstalled
BUNDLE_TRANSIENT_START_ERROR=The bundle''s start level is not met. Cannot transient start the bundle: {0}
BUNDLE_UNINSTALLED_EXCEPTION=Bundle "{0}" has been uninstalled
BUNDLE_UNRESOLVED_EXCEPTION=The bundle "{0}" could not be resolved
BUNDLE_UNRESOLVED_STATE_CONFLICT=The state indicates the bundle is resolved
BUNDLE_UNRESOLVED_UNSATISFIED_CONSTRAINT_EXCEPTION=The bundle "{0}" could not be resolved. Reason: {1}
CANNOT_SET_CONTEXTFINDER=The context finder has not been installed.
FILTER_INVALID_OPERATOR=Invalid operator at "{0}"
FILTER_INVALID_VALUE=Invalid value at "{0}"
FILTER_MISSING_ATTR=Missing attr at "{0}"
FILTER_MISSING_LEFTPAREN=Missing ''('' at "{0}"
FILTER_MISSING_RIGHTPAREN=Missing '')'' at "{0}"
FILTER_MISSING_VALUE=Missing value at "{0}"
FILTER_TRAILING_CHARACTERS=Extraneous trailing characters at "{0}"
HEADER_DUPLICATE_KEY_EXCEPTION=The key "{0}" already exists in another case variation
MANIFEST_INVALID_HEADER_EXCEPTION=Invalid manifest header {0}: "{1}"
MANIFEST_INVALID_LINE_NOCOLON=The manifest line "{0}" is invalid; it has no colon '':'' character after the header key.
MANIFEST_INVALID_SPACE=The manifest line "{0}" has an invalid leading space '' '' character.
MANIFEST_IOEXCEPTION=An error occurred while reading the manifest file.
OSGI_INTERNAL_ERROR=Internal Error in the OSGi framework. Please report this problem.
OSGI_SYSTEMBUNDLE_CREATE_EXCEPTION=Exception while creating System Bundle: {0}
OSGI_SYSTEMBUNDLE_DESCRIPTION_ERROR=Unable to construct System Bundle description.
SERVICE_ALREADY_UNREGISTERED_EXCEPTION=The service has been unregistered
SERVICE_ARGUMENT_NULL_EXCEPTION=The service parameter is null
SERVICE_EMPTY_CLASS_LIST_EXCEPTION=The array of service names is empty
SERVICE_FACTORY_EXCEPTION=Exception in {0}.{1}()
SERVICE_FACTORY_NOT_INSTANCEOF_CLASS_EXCEPTION={0}.getService() returned a service object that is not an instance of the service class {1}
SERVICE_FACTORY_RECURSION=Recursive ServiceFactory call in {0}.{1}()
SERVICE_NOT_INSTANCEOF_CLASS_EXCEPTION=The service object is not an instance of the service class {0}
SERVICE_OBJECT_NULL_EXCEPTION={0}.getService() returned a null service object
SERVICE_USE_OVERFLOW=The use count for the service overflowed.
STARTLEVEL_CANT_CHANGE_SYSTEMBUNDLE_STARTLEVEL=The System Bundle's start level can not be modified.
STARTLEVEL_EXCEPTION_INVALID_REQUESTED_STARTLEVEL=The requested start level of {0} is invalid. The value must be a positive integer.
URL_HANDLER_INCORRECT_TYPE=The service property "{0}" is not the correct type for the service "{1}" registered by the bundle "{2}"
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