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KE0001I=Kernel starting.
KE0002I=Kernel started.
KE0003E=Kernel failed to start.
KE0004E=Kernel failed to start within {} seconds.
KE0005W=Option -plan requires one or two arguments but {} were provided: '{}'.
KE0006E=Kernel failed to start due to the aborted start of '{}' version '{}'.
KE0007I=Virgo ready. Started for {}s.
KE0008I=Virgo ready.
KE0010I=Shutdown initiated.
KE0011I=Immediate shutdown initiated.
KE0012E=Shutdown failed - halting JVM.
KE0100W=Reference '{}' in bundle '{}' version '{}' is waiting for service with filter '{}'.
KE0101I=Reference '{}' in bundle '{}' version '{}' was satisfied by service with filter '{}'.
KE0102E=Reference '{}' in bundle '{}' version '{}' timed out waiting for service with filter '{}'.
KE0200W=OVF configuration file '{}' does not exist.
KE0201E=Error reading OVF configuration file '{}'.
KE0300W=Service property in bundle '{}' version '{}' (bean '{}') should be renamed from com.springsource.service.scope to org.eclipse.virgo.service.scope.
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