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NoImage=Cannot create update center Image for {0}; Update Center functionality will not be available in Admin Console
ProxySetupHelp=Connection to repository failed. You may want to configure the Proxy Host and Proxy Port information. If user name and password is needed for the proxy setup, you will need to configure that through updatetool.
cannotGetImage=Error in getting update component list, cannot get image.
checkingUpdate=checking update... Connection Host:
config.port=Proxy Port:
config.proxy=Through a Proxy
config.proxyUse=Internet Connection:
detailsDate=Date Published:
detailsInstalledSize=Installed Size:
detailsPkgName=Package Name:
detailsURL=Repository URL:
detailsUid=Unique Identifier:
licensePg.Title=License Agreement
licensePg.TitleHelp=You must read and accept this license before proceeding.
msg.JS.confirmUpdateCenterInstall=The selected packages and their required packages will be installed. OK to continue?
msg.JS.confirmUpdateCenterUnInstall=The selected components will be uninstalled. OK to continue?
msg.addOnSuccess=The selected components were successfully installed. To make the components available, restart the server.
msg.checkForUpdates=Check Updates
msg.removeSuccess=selected package(s) successfully removed.
msg.updatesAvailable=Total # of available updates : {0}
msg.upgradeSuccess=selected package(s) successfully upgraded.
noCheckPerformed=Update Center option set to "NEVER". Ping is disabled. No checking for available update.
noNetworkDetected=System Property "" is set to true. <br/>Will not connect to repository.
pkgDetails.Title=Component Details
ucTable.installSize=Install Size
ucTable.installedSize=Installed Size
ucTable.installedVersion=Installed Version
ucTable.newVersion=New Version
updateCenter.AddOnTab=Available Add-Ons
updateCenter.AddOnTab.tooltip=Available Add-Ons Tab
updateCenter.ConfigPageTitle=Update Tool Configuration
updateCenter.ConfigPageTitleHelp=This page contains configuration information for Update Tool, such as proxy settings and repositories.
updateCenter.ConfigTab.tooltip=Configuration Tab
updateCenter.InstalledTab=Installed Components
updateCenter.InstalledTab.tooltip=Installed Components Tab
updateCenter.NoImageDirectory=No package information available
updateCenter.UpdateTab=Available Updates
updateCenter.UpdateTab.tooltip=Available Updates Tab
updateCenter.addOn.pageTitle=Available Add-Ons
updateCenter.addOn.pageTitleHelp=This page lists the add-on components that are available. Use this page to install any add-on components that you require.
updateCenter.addOn.tableTitle=Available Add-Ons
updateCenter.authority=Preferred Repository:
updateCenter.installed.pageTitle=Installed Components
updateCenter.installed.pageTitleHelp=This page lists the components that are installed. To uninstall any components that you no longer require, first stop the domain, then use the updatetool utility or the pkg command.
updateCenter.installed.tableTitle=Installed Components
updateCenter.installedPath=Installation Path:
updateCenter.update.pageTitle=Available Updates
updateCenter.update.pageTitleHelp=This page lists each component for which a new version is available. To update components, first stop the domain, then use the updatetool utility or the pkg command.
updateCenter.update.tableTitle=Available Updates
updateCount=Update Component count =
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