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msg-bean-client.could-not-detect-ra-mid=Unable to determine the resource-adapter for the MDB as ra-mid is not specified for the message-listener type [ {0} ]
msg-bean-client.defaulting.message-listener.supporting.rar=No 'resource-adapter-mid' specified, defaulting to the resource-adapter [ {0} ] that supports the requested 'message-listener' [ {1} ]
msg-bean-client.multiple-ras-supporting-message-listener=The 'resource-adapter-mid' element in MDB descriptor must be specified as more than one resource-adapter which supports the message-listener-type [{0}]
msg-bean-client.ra.class.not.specified=<resourceadapter-class> must be specified for the resource-adapter [ {0} ] having inbound (<inbound-resourceadapter> or its equivalent annotation) artifacts
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