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ccp_adm.active_ra_not_init=Resource adapter not properly deployed. RarName : {0}
ccp_adm.could_not_recreate_pool=Could not recreate pool : {0}
ccp_adm.failed_to_create_mcf=Failed to create MCF for {0}
ccp_adm.failed_to_delete_conn_res=Failed to delete all connector resources : {0}
ccp_adm.failed_to_publish_in_jndi=Failed to publish connection pool object in JNDI : {0}
ccp_adm.failed_to_register_mcf=Failed to register MCF in registry : {0}
ccp_adm.failed_to_remove_from_jndi=Failed to delete connection pool from JNDI : {0}
ccp_adm.no_conn_pool_obj=Failed to get connection pool object. RarName : {0}
ccp_adm.null_connector_desc=Null connector descriptor in registry. ModuleName is {0}
ccp_adm.null_pool_name=Pool name not specified
ccp_adm.wrong_params_for_create=Wrong parameters for pool creation : {0}
ccp_adm_service.incorrect_tx_support=Incorrect Transaction Support Level {0} provided by ManagedConnectionFactory at runtime which is not supported by the resource-adapter {1}
flush_when_pooling_disabled=Attempt to Flush Connection Pool failed because Pooling is disabled for pool : {0}
pingpool.cannot_obtain_mcf=This pool is not registered with the runtime environment : {0}
pingpool.name_not_bound=This pool is not bound in JNDI : {0}
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