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cannot.set.admin.context=Cannot set admin config context outside DAS
caught_config_exception=Caught ConfigException while instantiating ResourcesUtil or DASResourcesUtil :
cpou.lazy_enlist-lazy_assoc-invalid-combination=LazyConnectionEnlistment need to be true for LazyConnectionAssociation to work, for pool :
cpou.pooling_disabled_assocwiththread_invalid_combination=Associate with thread need to be false for Pooling disable to work, for pool : {0}
error.finding.resources.references=Error while finding resource references for resource {0} :
error.getting.application.DD=Error while getting Application DD from AppsManager for app {0} :
error.getting.domain=Error while getting domain from admin config context :
error.getting.intial.context=Error while looking up initial context. Unable to load all jms and jdbc resources.
error.getting.jdbc.resources=Error while retrieving jdbc resources. Unable to load all jdbc resources.
error.getting.jms.admin.objects=Error while retrieving jms admin objects. Unable to load all jms admin objects.
error.getting.jms.resources=Error while retrieving jms resources. Unable to load all jms resources.
error.getting.module.DD=Error while getting Application DD from EjbModuleManager for ejb module {0} :
error.looking.up.resource=Error while looking up resource {0}
no.resource.adapter.found=Associated resource adapter {0} not found for resource {1}
no_adminobject_interface_found_in_raxml=No such adminobject interface found in ra.xml : {0}
server_context_is_null=Server context is null. Hence cannot create instance of ResourcesUtil or DASResourcesUtil.
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