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AS-WEB-00001=Loading web module {0} in virtual server {1} at {2}
AS-WEB-00002=This web container has not yet been started
AS-WEB-00003=Property {0} is not yet supported
AS-WEB-00004=Virtual server {0} already has a web module {1} loaded at {2} therefore web module {3} cannot be loaded at this context path on this virtual server
AS-WEB-00005=Unable to stop web container
AS-WEB-00006=Unable to start web container
AS-WEB-00007=Property element in sun-web.xml has null 'name' or 'value'
AS-WEB-00008=Web module {0} is not loaded in virtual server {1}
AS-WEB-00009=Unable to deploy web module {0} at root context of virtual server {1}, because this virtual server declares a default-web-module
AS-WEB-00010=Unable to set default-web-module {0} for virtual server {1}
AS-WEB-00011=Unable to load web module {0} at context root {1}, because it is not correctly encoded
AS-WEB-00012=Unable to destroy web module deployed at context root {0} on virtual server {1} during undeployment
AS-WEB-00013=Exception setting the schemas/dtds location
AS-WEB-00014=Unable to determine location of server.log file
AS-WEB-00015=Error loading web module {0}
AS-WEB-00016=Undeployment failed for context {0}
AS-WEB-00017=Exception processing HttpService configuration change
AS-WEB-00018=Unable to set context root {0}
AS-WEB-00019=Unable to disable web module at context root {0}
AS-WEB-00020=Error during destruction of virtual server {0}
AS-WEB-00021=Virtual server {0} cannot be updated, because it does not exist
AS-WEB-00022=Created HTTP listener {0} on host/port {1}:{2}
AS-WEB-00023=Created JK listener {0} on host/port {1}:{2}
AS-WEB-00024=Created virtual server {0}
AS-WEB-00025=Virtual server {0} loaded default web module {1}
AS-WEB-00026=Maximum depth for nested request dispatches set to {0}
AS-WEB-00027=Unsupported http-service property {0} is being ignored
AS-WEB-00028=The host name {0} is shared by virtual servers {1} and {2}, which are both associated with the same HTTP listener {3}
AS-WEB-00029=Network listener {0} referenced by virtual server {1} does not exist
AS-WEB-00030=Web module {0} not loaded to any virtual servers
AS-WEB-00031=Loading web module {0} to virtual servers {1}
AS-WEB-00032=Unloading web module {0} from virtual servers {1}
AS-WEB-00033=Context {0} undeployed from virtual server {1}
AS-WEB-00034=Context {0} disabled from virtual server {1}
AS-WEB-00035=Virtual server {0}'s network listeners are updated from {1} to {2}
AS-WEB-00036=The class {0} is annotated with an invalid scope
AS-WEB-00037=-DjvmRoute updated with {0}
AS-WEB-00038=Unable to parse port number {0} of network-listener {1}
AS-WEB-00039=Virtual server {0} set listener name {1}
AS-WEB-00040=Must not disable network-listener {0}, because it is associated with admin virtual server {1}
AS-WEB-00041=Virtual server {0} set jk listener name {1}
AS-WEB-00042=virtual server {0} has an invalid docroot {1}
AS-WEB-00043={0} network listener is not included in {1} and will be updated
AS-WEB-00044=Unable to instantiate ContainerListener of type {0}
AS-WEB-00045=Creating connector for address='{0}' port='{1}' protocol='{2}'
AS-WEB-00100=The web module {0} has been designated as the default-web-module for virtual server {1}
AS-WEB-00101=Error looking up the configuration information of the default-web-module {0} for virtual server {1}
AS-WEB-00102=The default-web-module {0} is either disabled or does not specify virtual server {1}
AS-WEB-00103=Virtual server {0} has invalid authentication realm {1}
AS-WEB-00104=Invalid sso-cookie-secure configuration {0} for virtual server {1}
AS-WEB-00105=Realm {0} is not an instance of {1}, and will be ignored
AS-WEB-00106=Virtual server {0} has a property with missing name or value
AS-WEB-00107=Invalid redirect property value {0} for virtual server {1}: More than one {2} component
AS-WEB-00108=Invalid redirect property value {0} for virtual server {1}: Missing url or url-prefix component
AS-WEB-00109=Invalid redirect property value {0} for virtual server {1}: Both url and url-prefix specified
AS-WEB-00110=Invalid redirect property value {0} for virtual server {1}: escape must be equal to yes or no
AS-WEB-00111=Invalid send-error property value {0} for virtual server {1}: More than one {2} component
AS-WEB-00112=Invalid send-error property value {0} for virtual server {1}: Missing path component
AS-WEB-00113=Unable to add listener of type {0} to virtual server {1}
AS-WEB-00114=Unable to load extension class {0} from web module {1}
AS-WEB-00115=Object of type classname {0} not an instance of Valve or GlassFishValve
AS-WEB-00116=Error adding HttpProbes. NetworkListener {0}'s HttpCodecFilter is {1}
AS-WEB-00117=Error adding HttpProbes
AS-WEB-00118=Disabling Single Sign On (SSO) for virtual server {0} as configured
AS-WEB-00119=Enabling Single Sign On (SSO) for virtual server {0} as configured
AS-WEB-00120=SSO entry max idle time set to {0} for virtual server {1}
AS-WEB-00121=SSO expire thread interval set to {0} for virtual server {1}
AS-WEB-00122=Allowing access to {0} from {1}
AS-WEB-00123=Denying access to {0} from {1}
AS-WEB-00124=Virtual server {0} enabled context {1}
AS-WEB-00125=Unable to delete {0}
AS-WEB-00126=Unable to reconfigure access log valve
AS-WEB-00127=Virtual server {0} added context {1}
AS-WEB-00128=Application {0} is not found
AS-WEB-00129=Cannot create context for undeployment
AS-WEB-00130=Successfully removed context {0}
AS-WEB-00131=Modifying web.xml {0}
AS-WEB-00132=Error adding HttpProbes. NetworkListener {0}'s GrizzlyProxy is NULL
AS-WEB-00150=Unable to create custom ObjectInputStream
AS-WEB-00151=Unable to create custom ObjectOutputStream
AS-WEB-00152=The default-locale attribute of locale-charset-info element is being ignored
AS-WEB-00153=Realm {0} is not an instance of {1}, and will be ignored
AS-WEB-00154=Web module [{0}] has a property with missing name or value
AS-WEB-00155=Object of type {0} is not a valve
AS-WEB-00156=Unable to add valve to web module {0}
AS-WEB-00157=Unable to add valve with name {0} to web module {1}
AS-WEB-00159=No method {0}(java.lang.String) defined on valve {1} of web module {2}
AS-WEB-00160=Exception during execution of method {0} on valve {1} of web module {2}
AS-WEB-00161=Valve {0} of web module {1} has a property without any name
AS-WEB-00162=Unable to add listener of type {0} to web module {1}
AS-WEB-00163=Unable to load extension class {0} from web module {1}
AS-WEB-00164=Null property name or value for alternate docbase
AS-WEB-00165=Alternate docbase property value {0} is missing a URL pattern or docbase
AS-WEB-00166=URL pattern {0} for alternate docbase is invalid
AS-WEB-00167=Failed to parse sun-web.xml singleThreadedServletPoolSize property value ({0}) of web module deployed at {1}, using default ({2})
AS-WEB-00168=Enabled session ID reuse for web module {0} deployed on virtual server {1}
AS-WEB-00169=Using alternate deployment descriptor {0} for web module {1}
AS-WEB-00170=Ignoring invalid property {0} = {1}
AS-WEB-00171=Unable to save sessions for web module {0} during redeployment
AS-WEB-00172=Unable to restore sessions for web module [{0}] from previous deployment
AS-WEB-00173=Webservice based application, requires Metro to be installed. Run updatecenter client located in bin folder to install Metro
AS-WEB-00174=WebModule[{0}]: Setting delegate to {1}
AS-WEB-00175=WebModule[{0}]: Adding {1} to the classpath
AS-WEB-00176=extra-class-path component {0} is not a valid pathname
AS-WEB-00177=class-loader attribute dynamic-reload-interval in sun-web.xml not supported
AS-WEB-00178=IN WebContainer>>ConfigureSessionManager before builder factory FINAL_PERSISTENCE-TYPE IS = {0} FINAL_PERSISTENCE_FREQUENCY IS = {1} FINAL_PERSISTENCE_SCOPE IS = {2}
AS-WEB-00179=PersistenceStrategyBuilder class = {0}
AS-WEB-00180=Property [{0}] is not yet supported
AS-WEB-00181=WebModule[{0}] configure cookie properties {1}
AS-WEB-00182=Unable to add listener of type: {0}, because it does not implement any of the required ServletContextListener, ServletContextAttributeListener, ServletRequestListener, ServletRequestAttributeListener, HttpSessionListener, or HttpSessionAttributeListener interfaces
AS-WEB-00200=Exception in creating cache
AS-WEB-00201=Exception initializing cache-helper {0}; please check your helper class implementation
AS-WEB-00202=Illegal CacheKeyGenerator
AS-WEB-00203=DefaultCacheHelper: cannot find all the required key fields in the request {0}
AS-WEB-00204=CachingFilter {0} ready; isEnabled = {1} manager = {2}
AS-WEB-00205=CachingFilter {0} request is cacheable; key {1} index = {2}
AS-WEB-00206=CachingFilter {0} request needs a refresh; key {1}
AS-WEB-00207=CachingFilter {0} serving response from the cache {1}
AS-WEB-00208=CachingFilter {0} pass thru; isEnabled = {1}
AS-WEB-00209=CachingFilter {0} received cacheManager enabled event
AS-WEB-00210=CachingFilter {0} received cacheManager disabled event
AS-WEB-00211=The constraint field {0} is not found in the scope {1}; returning cache-on-match-failure: {2}
AS-WEB-00212=The constraint field {0} value = {1} is found in scope {2}; returning cache-on-match: {3}
AS-WEB-00213=The constraint field {0} value = {1} is found in scope {2}; and matches with a value {3}; returning cache-on-match: {4}
AS-WEB-00214=The constraint field {0} value = {1} is found in scope {2}; but didn't match any of the value constraints; returning cache-on-match-failure = {3}
AS-WEB-00215=CacheTag[{0}]: Timeout = {1}
AS-WEB-00216=Cache not found in the specified scope
AS-WEB-00217=FlushTag: clear [{0}]
AS-WEB-00218=FlushTag: clear cache
AS-WEB-00219=Process session destroyed on {0}
AS-WEB-00220=Process request for '{0}'
AS-WEB-00221=Principal '{0}' has already been authenticated
AS-WEB-00222=Checking for SSO cookie
AS-WEB-00223=SSO cookie is not present
AS-WEB-00224=No realm configured for this application, SSO does not apply
AS-WEB-00225=This application uses realm '{0}'
AS-WEB-00226=Checking for cached principal for {0}
AS-WEB-00227=Found cached principal '{0}' with auth type '{1}' in realm '{2}'
AS-WEB-00228=Ignoring SSO entry which does not match application realm '{0}'
AS-WEB-00229=No cached principal found, erasing SSO cookie
AS-WEB-00230=Deregistering sso id '{0}'
AS-WEB-00231=SSO expiration started. Current entries: {0}
AS-WEB-00232=SSO cache will expire {0} entries
AS-WEB-00233=SSO expiration removing entry: {0}
AS-WEB-00234=Caught exception during SingleSignOn expiration
AS-WEB-00235=Removing session {0} from sso id {1}
AS-WEB-00236=Illegal access log pattern [{0}], is not a valid nickname and does not contain any ''%''
AS-WEB-00237=Missing end delimiter in access log pattern: {0}
AS-WEB-00238=Invalid component: {0} in access log pattern: {1}
AS-WEB-00239=mgr reapInterval set = {0}
AS-WEB-00240=no instance level value set for mgr reapInterval
AS-WEB-00241=maxSessions set = {0}
AS-WEB-00242=no instance level value set for maxSessions
AS-WEB-00243=sessionFilename set = {0}
AS-WEB-00244=sessionIdGeneratorClassname set = {0}
AS-WEB-00245=storeReapInterval set = {0}
AS-WEB-00246=directory set = {0}
AS-WEB-00247=sessionMaxInactiveInterval set = {0}
AS-WEB-00248=no instance level value set for sessionMaxInactiveInterval
AS-WEB-00249=Enabling no persistence for web module [{0}]''s sessions: persistence-type = [{1}]
AS-WEB-00250=Unable to load session uuid generator [{0}]
AS-WEB-00251=Configuring cache for web application
AS-WEB-00252=Added a caching filter for servlet-name = {0} url-pattern = {1}
AS-WEB-00253=Added a key-field : name = {0} scope = {1}
AS-WEB-00254=Added a constraint: {0}
AS-WEB-00255=Added a constraint-field name = {0} scope = {1}cache-on-match = {2} cache-on-match-failure = {3}
AS-WEB-00256=Invalid max-pending-count attribute value [{0}], using default [{1}]
AS-WEB-00257=Unable to parse proxy port component ({0}) of server-name attribute of network-listener {1}
AS-WEB-00258=Unable to parse redirect-port ({0}) attribute of network-listener {1}, using default: {2}
AS-WEB-00259=Unable to parse acceptor-threads attribute ({0}) of network-listener {1}, using default: {2}
AS-WEB-00260=The jk properties configuration file is not defined
AS-WEB-00261=JK properties file {0} does not exist
AS-WEB-00262=Loading from {0}
AS-WEB-00263=Unable to configure JK properties {0} for connector listening to {1}
AS-WEB-00264=Invalid attribute [{0}] in thread-pool configuration
AS-WEB-00265=Unable to load ProxyHandler implementation class {0}
AS-WEB-00266={0} not an instance of com.sun.appserv.ProxyHandler
AS-WEB-00267=All SSL protocol variants disabled for network-listener {0}, using SSL implementation specific defaults
AS-WEB-00268=All SSL cipher suites disabled for network-listener(s) {0}. Using SSL implementation specific defaults
AS-WEB-00269=Unrecognized cipher: {0}
AS-WEB-00270=Exception when initializing monitoring for network-listener [{0}]
AS-WEB-00271=InvokeGrizzly method={0} objectName={1}
AS-WEB-00272=Exception while invoking mebean server operation [{0}]
AS-WEB-00273=Cannot find WebContainer implementation
AS-WEB-00274=Cannot find Engine implementation
AS-WEB-00275=Error registering contexts
AS-WEB-00276=HTTP listener with network listener name {0} ignoring registration of host with object name {1}, because none of the host's associated HTTP listeners matches this network listener name
AS-WEB-00277=Register Context {0}
AS-WEB-00278=Unregister Context {0}
AS-WEB-00279=Register Wrapper {0} in Context {1}
AS-WEB-00280=Enabling file-based persistence for web module [{0}]''s sessions
AS-WEB-00281=Exception during invocation of PreDestroy-annotated method on JSP tag handler [{0}]
AS-WEB-00282=ServerContext is null for ResourceInjector
AS-WEB-00283=Unable to write access log file {0}
AS-WEB-00284=Setting accesslog directory for virtual server '{0}' to {1}
AS-WEB-00285=Invalid accessLogWriterInterval value [{0}]
AS-WEB-00286=Invalid accessLogBufferSize value [{0}]
AS-WEB-00287=Unable to parse max-history-files access log configuration [{0}]
AS-WEB-00288=Unable to create {0}
AS-WEB-00289=Unable to rename access log file {0} to {1}
AS-WEB-00290=Unable to remove access log file {0}
AS-WEB-00291=Access logger has already been started
AS-WEB-00292=Access logger has not yet been started
AS-WEB-00293=PersistenceStrategyBuilderFactory>>createPersistenceStrategyBuilder: resolvedPersistenceType = {0}, resolvedPersistenceFrequency = {1} resolvedPersistenceScope = {2}
AS-WEB-00294=Could not find PersistentStrategyBuilder for persistenceType {0}
AS-WEB-00295=PersistenceStrategyBuilderFactory>>createPersistenceStrategyBuilder: CandidateBuilderClassName = {0}
AS-WEB-00296=resolvedPersistenceType = {0}
AS-WEB-00297=Unable to set request encoding [{0}] determined from sun-web.xml deployment descriptor of web application [{1}]
AS-WEB-00298=POST data too large
AS-WEB-00299=Web container config changed {0} {1} {2}
AS-WEB-00300=Exception processing HttpService configuration change
AS-WEB-00301=AvailabilityService was not defined - check domain.xml
AS-WEB-00302=WebContainerAvailability not defined - check domain.xml
AS-WEB-00303=globalAvailability = {0}
AS-WEB-00304=webContainerAvailability = {0}
AS-WEB-00305=webModuleAvailability = {0}
AS-WEB-00306=SERVER.XML persistenceType= {0}
AS-WEB-00307=SERVER.XML persistenceType missing
AS-WEB-00308=Web App Distributable {0}: {1}
AS-WEB-00309=AvailabilityGloballyEnabled = {0}
AS-WEB-00310=instance-level persistence-type = {0} instance-level persistenceFrequency = {1} instance-level persistenceScope = {2}
AS-WEB-00311=webAppLevelPersistenceType = {0} webAppLevelPersistenceFrequency = {1} webAppLevelPersistenceScope = {2}
AS-WEB-00312=IN WebContainer>>ConfigureSessionManager after web level checkAFTER_WEB_PERSISTENCE-TYPE IS = {0} AFTER_WEB_PERSISTENCE_FREQUENCY IS = {1} AFTER_WEB_PERSISTENCE_SCOPE IS = {2}
AS-WEB-00313=Is {0} a system app: {1}
AS-WEB-00314=SessionConfigurationHelper: Is AppDistributable {0}
AS-WEB-00315=Invalid Session Management Configuration for non-distributable app [{0}] - defaulting to memory: persistence-type = [{1}] / persistenceFrequency = [{2}] / persistenceScope = [{3}]
AS-WEB-00316=IN WebContainer>>ConfigureSessionManager before builder factoryFINAL_PERSISTENCE-TYPE IS = {0} FINAL_PERSISTENCE_FREQUENCY IS = {1} FINAL_PERSISTENCE_SCOPE IS = {2}
AS-WEB-00317=Security role name {0} used in an <auth-constraint> without being defined in a <security-role>
AS-WEB-00318=Security role name {0} used in a <run-as> without being defined in a <security-role>
AS-WEB-00319=Security role name {0} used in a <role-link> without being defined in a <security-role>
AS-WEB-00320=Virtual server {0} has been turned off
AS-WEB-00321=Virtual server {0} has been disabled
AS-WEB-00322=Invalid redirect URL [{0}]: Impossible to URL encode
AS-WEB-00323=Unknown error, loadWebModule returned null, file a bug
AS-WEB-00324=Loading application [{0}] at [{1}]
AS-WEB-00325=App config customization specified to ignore descriptor's {0} {1} so it will not be present for the application
AS-WEB-00326=Overriding descriptor {0}
AS-WEB-00327=Creating new {0}
AS-WEB-00328=Exception during Coherence*Web shutdown for application [{0}]
AS-WEB-00329=Unable to load configuration of web module [{0}]
AS-WEB-00330=Failed to precompile JSP pages of web module [{0}]
AS-WEB-00331=Configured an authenticator for method {0}
AS-WEB-00332=[{0}] failed to unbind namespace
AS-WEB-00333=No Realm with name [{0}] configured to authenticate against
AS-WEB-00334=Cannot configure an authenticator for method {0}
AS-WEB-00335=Cannot instantiate an authenticator of class {0}
AS-WEB-00336=Lifecycle event data object [{0}] is not a WebModule
AS-WEB-00337=jsp-config property for {0}
AS-WEB-00338=sysClasspath for {0}
AS-WEB-00339=Error creating cache manager and configuring the servlet caching subsystem
AS-WEB-00340=Cache Manager started
AS-WEB-00341=Cache Manager stopped
AS-WEB-00342=*** InstanceEvent: {0}
AS-WEB-00343=Obtained securityContext implementation class {0}
AS-WEB-00344=Failed to obtain securityContext implementation class
AS-WEB-00345=Exception during processing of event of type {0} for web module {1}
AS-WEB-00346=No ServerContext in WebModule [{0}]
AS-WEB-00347=ContainerEvent: {0}
AS-WEB-00348=Exception during invocation of InjectionManager.destroyManagedObject on {0} of web module {1}
AS-WEB-00349=Cannot load class {0}
AS-WEB-00350=An authentication method was not defined in the web.xml descriptor. Using default BASIC for login configuration.
AS-WEB-00351=[{0}] is not a valid authentication method
AS-WEB-00352=Beginning JSP Precompile...
AS-WEB-00353=Finished JSP Precompile...
AS-WEB-00354=Cannot delete file: {0}
AS-WEB-00355=Unable to delete {0}
AS-WEB-00356=Incorrect scope value [{0}] for web application cache field name [{1}]
AS-WEB-00357=''greater'' expression requires a numeric value; please check your value {0}
AS-WEB-00358=''lesser'' expression requires a numeric value; please check your value [{0}]
AS-WEB-00359=illegal value [{0}] expr [{1}]
AS-WEB-00360=illegal in-range constraint; specify a valid range (xxx-yyy) value [{0}]
AS-WEB-00361=missing separator in the ''in-range'' constraint; [{0}]
AS-WEB-00362=''in-range'' constraint requires numeric values for the lower bound [{0}]
AS-WEB-00363=''in-range'' constraint requires a value for the upper bound of the range; check your value [{0}]
AS-WEB-00364=''in-range'' constraint requires numeric values for the upper bound [{0}]
AS-WEB-00365=Illegal value ([{0}]) for scope attribute of cache tag
AS-WEB-00366=Error processing request received on ad-hoc path {0}
AS-WEB-00367=No ad-hoc servlet configured to process ad-hoc path {0}
AS-WEB-00368=Error in parsing default-web.xml
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