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AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00001=Failed to load deployment descriptor, aborting.
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00002=WebService wsdl file {0} not found in archive {1}.
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00003=Exception while processing catalog {0} Reason : {1}.
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00004=Unable to create new File {0}.
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00006=WebService {0} has a JAXWS and a JAXRPC endpoint; this is not supported now.
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00011=Runtime settings error. Cannot find servlet-impl-class for endpoint {0}.
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00012=Cannot proceed with JaxrpcCodegen.
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00013=Parsing error line {0}, uri {1}.
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00014=Error parsing WSDL {0}.
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00018=Webservice Endpoint deployed {0} listening at address at {1}.
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00019=EJB Endpoint deployed {0} listening at address at {1}
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00020=File {0} not found.
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00021=MTOM is valid only for SOAP Bindings; Ignoring Enable-MTOM for port {0}.
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00033=Implicit mapping not supported; ignoring for now; Remove *. specified in the url-pattern.
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00034=Two web services are being deployed with the same endpoint URL {0}; The service that gets loaded last will always be the one that is active for this URL.
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00043=Exception while tracing request: {0}.
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00044=Exception while tracing response: {0}.
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00047=JAXWS WebServiceDispatcher {0} entering for {1} and query string {2}.
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00048=Ejb endpoint exception.
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00049=Unable to find adapter for endpoint {0}.
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00050=Following exception was thrown:
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00051=Client not authorized for invocation of {0}.
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00052=The following error was thrown by ServletPreHandler which is the first handler in the handler chain {0}.
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00053=The following error was thrown by ServletPostHandler which is the last handler in the handler chain {0}.
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00054=Error registering endpoint {0}.
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00055=Error unregistering endpoint {0}.
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00056=Deployment cannot proceed as the ejb has a null endpoint address uri. Potential cause may be webservice endpoints not supported in embedded ejb case.
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00057=WebService {0} type is declared as {1} but should be either as a JAX-WS or JAX-RPC.
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00070=Unsupported method request = [{0}] for endpoint {1} at {2}.
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00071=invocation error on ejb endpoint {0} at {1} : {2}.
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00072=Cannot initialize endpoint {0} : error is :
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00073=Error In EjbRuntimeEndpointInfo
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00074=Missing internal monitoring info to trace {0}.
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00075=null message POSTed to ejb endpoint {0} at {1}.
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00076=Invalid request scheme for Endpoint {0}. Expected '{1}', received '{2}'.
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00077=authentication failed for {0}
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00078=Servlet web service endpoint '{0}' failure
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00079=Error occured
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00080=Error invoking servlet impl
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00081=Servlet web service endpoint '{0}' HTTP GET error
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00082=Deployment failed
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00083=Cannot load the wsdl from the aplication: {0}
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00084=Creating endpoint with packaged WSDL {0}
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00085=Metadata documents:
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00086=For endpoint {0}, Ignoring configuration {1} in weblogic-webservices.xml
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00087=For endpoint {0}, Unsupported configuration {1} in weblogic-webservices.xml
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00088=Unexpected error in EJB WebService endpoint post processing
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00089=Error in resolving the catalog
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00090=In doWebServicesDeployment: using local web services. There are {0}. The app has total of {1}.
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00091=In doWebServicesDeployment: using web services via extension {0}
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00092=File already exists {0}
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00093=Directory already exists {0}
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00094=Received HTTP GET containing text/xml content for endpoint {0} at {1}. HTTP POST should be used instead.
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00095=Serving up final wsdl {0} for {1}
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00096=Failure serving WSDL for web service {0}
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00097=Invalid wsdl request for web service {0}
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00098=Unable to load impl class {0}
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00099=Cannot write out a HTTP XML exception : {0}
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00100=cannot write SOAPFault to the HTTP response
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00101=Cannot create soap fault for {0}
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00102=Class {0} not found during PreDestroy processing
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00103=Handler class {0} not found during PreDestroy processing
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00104=Failure while calling PostConstruct/PreDestroy method
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00105=Unable to load handler class {0}
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00106=Handler {0} instance injection failed: {1}
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00107=Cannot log SOAP Message {0}
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00108=Exception in creating endpoint
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00109=deleting directory failed : {0}
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00110=creating directory failed : {0}
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00111=Invoking wsimport with {0}
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00112=wsimport successful
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00113=wsimport failed
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00114=authentication succeeded for endpoint '{0}' in {1} {2}
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00115=wsimport successful
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00116=missing implementation class for {0}
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00117=Web service endpoint {0} component link {1} is not valid
AS-WSJSR109IMPL-00120=destroyManagedObject failed for Handler {0} for Service {1} with error {2}
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