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enterprise.deployment.backend.invalidWsdlURL=WS00045: Invalid URL {0} specified for WSDL location
enterprise.webservice.cantGetMethod=WS00036: Exception while getting method for {0}
enterprise.webservice.cantValidateRequest=WS00039: Cannot validate request
enterprise.webservice.errorUnMarshalMethod=WS00038: Error unmarshalling method for ejb {0}
enterprise.webservice.methodNotAuth=WS00037: Client not authorized for invocation of {0}
enterprise.webservice.noWsdlError=WS00040: Service {0} has an endpoint with non-HTTP binding but there is no WSDL; Deployment cannot proceed
enterprise.webservice.nullResponsePacket=WS00042: Invocation of Service {0} returned null response packet
enterprise.webservice.portNameMismatch=WS00031: There is a mismatch in the portName specified with @WebService annotation in the endpoint implementation and the portName found in the WSDL; PortName in WSDL={0}; PortName in endpoint={1}
enterprise.webservice.postHandlerMethodMismatch=WS00035: Original Method {0} does not match post-handler method {1}
enterprise.webservice.serviceNameMismatch=WS00032: There is a mismatch in the serviceName specified with @WebService annotation in the endpoint implementation and the serviceName found in the WSDL; ServiceName in WSDL={0}; ServiceName in endpoint={1}
enterprise.webservice.unknownMessageContextType=WS00030: MessageContext is not a SOAPMEssageContext
exception.manifest=WS00015: Exception : {0} when trying to process MANIFEST file under {1}
impl.notfound=WS00005: WebService {0} implementation {1} not found in archive {2}
io.exception=WS00016: IOException : {0} when trying to get list of files under {1}
module.load.error=WS00010: Error loading the module {0}
wsgen.failed=WS00008: wsgen Failed
wsgen.failed.cont=WS00007: wsgen failed- proceeding under the assumption that the user packaged all required objects properly
wsgen.rtexception=WS00017: Exception occurred in the wsgen process {0}
wsgen.success=WS00009: wsgen successful
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