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 package ca.carleton.gcrc.couch.command.impl;
 public class UpgradeCollision {
 	public enum Type {
Can not installed upgraded file because the file on disk was modified since installed
Can not add a new file because one is blocking it
Can not install file/directory from upgrade because previous version was deleted
	private Type type;
	private String path;
		Type type
		,String path
		,FileManifest upgradeManifest
		,FileManifest installedManifest
		,FileManifest diskManifest) {
		this. = type;
		this. = path;
		this. = upgradeManifest;
		this. = installedManifest;
		this. = diskManifest;
	public Type getType() {
		return ;
	public String getPath() {
		return ;
		return ;
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