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   * Copyright 1999-2101 Alibaba Group.
   * Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
   * you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
   * You may obtain a copy of the License at
  * Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
  * distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
  * WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.
  * See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
  * limitations under the License.
 public final class MarkerConstants implements CalculateConsts {

For temporary use in arithmetic coding
     public static final int TEM                       = 0x01;
     // Codes 0x02 - 0xBF are reserved
     // SOF markers for Nondifferential Huffman coding
Baseline DCT
     public static final int SOF0                      = 0xC0;
Extended Sequential DCT
     public static final int SOF1                      = 0xC1;
Progressive DCT
     public static final int SOF2                      = 0xC2;
Lossless Sequential
     public static final int SOF3                      = 0xC3;

Define Huffman Tables
     public static final int DHT                       = 0xC4;
     // SOF markers for Differential Huffman coding
Differential Sequential DCT
     public static final int SOF5                      = 0xC5;
Differential Progressive DCT
     public static final int SOF6                      = 0xC6;
Differential Lossless
     public static final int SOF7                      = 0xC7;

Reserved for JPEG extensions
     public static final int JPG                       = 0xC8;
     // SOF markers for Nondifferential arithmetic coding
Extended Sequential DCT, Arithmetic coding
     public static final int SOF9                      = 0xC9;
Progressive DCT, Arithmetic coding
     public static final int SOF10                     = 0xCA;
Lossless Sequential, Arithmetic coding
     public static final int SOF11                     = 0xCB;

Define Arithmetic conditioning tables
     public static final int DAC                       = 0xCC;
     // SOF markers for Differential arithmetic coding
Differential Sequential DCT, Arithmetic coding
     public static final int SOF13                     = 0xCD;
Differential Progressive DCT, Arithmetic coding
     public static final int SOF14                     = 0xCE;
Differential Lossless, Arithmetic coding
     public static final int SOF15                     = 0xCF;
     // Restart Markers
     public static final int RST0                      = 0xD0;
     public static final int RST1                      = 0xD1;
     public static final int RST2                      = 0xD2;
     public static final int RST3                      = 0xD3;
     public static final int RST4                      = 0xD4;
     public static final int RST5                      = 0xD5;
     public static final int RST6                      = 0xD6;
     public static final int RST7                      = 0xD7;
Number of restart markers
     public static final int RESTART_RANGE             = 8;

Start of Image
     public static final int SOI                       = 0xD8;
End of Image
     public static final int EOI                       = 0xD9;
Start of Scan
     public static final int SOS                       = 0xDA;

Define Quantisation Tables
     public static final int DQT                       = 0xDB;

Define Number of lines
     public static final int DNL                       = 0xDC;

Define Restart Interval
     public static final int DRI                       = 0xDD;

Define Heirarchical progression
     public static final int DHP                       = 0xDE;

Expand reference image(s)
    public static final int EXP                       = 0xDF;
    // Application markers
APP0 used by JFIF
    public static final int APP0                      = 0xE0;
    public static final int APP1                      = 0xE1;
APP2 used by ICC Profile
    public static final int APP2                      = 0xE2;
    public static final int APP3                      = 0xE3;
    public static final int APP4                      = 0xE4;
    public static final int APP5                      = 0xE5;
    public static final int APP6                      = 0xE6;
    public static final int APP7                      = 0xE7;
    public static final int APP8                      = 0xE8;
    public static final int APP9                      = 0xE9;
    public static final int APP10                     = 0xEA;
    public static final int APP11                     = 0xEB;
    public static final int APP12                     = 0xEC;
    public static final int APP13                     = 0xED;
APP14 used by Adobe
    public static final int APP14                     = 0xEE;
    public static final int APP15                     = 0xEF;
    // codes 0xF0 to 0xFD are reserved

Comment marker
    public static final int COM                       = 0xFE;
    // JFIF Resolution units
The X and Y units simply indicate the aspect ratio of the pixels.
    public static final int DENSITY_UNIT_ASPECT_RATIO = 0;
Pixel density is in pixels per inch.
    public static final int DENSITY_UNIT_DOTS_INCH    = 1;
Pixel density is in pixels per centemeter.
    public static final int DENSITY_UNIT_DOTS_CM      = 2;
The max known value for DENSITY_UNIT
    public static final int NUM_DENSITY_UNIT          = 3;
    // Adobe transform values
    public static final int ADOBE_IMPOSSIBLE          = -1;
    public static final int ADOBE_UNKNOWN             = 0;
    public static final int ADOBE_YCC                 = 1;
    public static final int ADOBE_YCCK                = 2;
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