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 * License for the specific language governing permissions and
 * limitations under the License.
Annotation for marking a property as an optimistic locking version attribute. Applied to the getter method or the class field for the class's version property. If the annotation is applied directly to the class field, the corresponding getter and setter must be declared in the same class.

Only nullable, integral numeric types (e.g. Integer, Long) can be used as version properties. On a save() operation, the DynamoDBMapper will attempt to increment the version property and assert that the service's value matches the client's. New objects will be assigned a version of 1 when saved.

Note that for batchWrite, and by extension batchSave and batchDelete, no version checks are performed, as required by the API.

public @interface DynamoDBVersionAttribute {
Optional parameter when the name of the attribute as stored in DynamoDB should differ from the name used by the getter / setter.
    String attributeName() default "";
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