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beanTypeCannotBeNull=The bean type cannot be null.
beanTypeMustNotBeNull=The bean type must not be null when creating a constraint mapping.
classCannotBeNull=The class cannot be null.
classIsNull=Class is null.
groupMustNotBeNull=null passed as group name.
methodNameMustNotBeNull=The method name must not be null.
mustNotBeNull.0=must not be null.
mustNotBeNull.1=%s must not be null.
parameterMustNotBeEmpty=The parameter "%s" must not be empty.
parameterMustNotBeNull=The parameter "%s" must not be null.
propertyNameMustNotBeEmpty=The property name must not be empty.
propertyPathCannotBeNull=null is not allowed as property path.
unableToFindScriptEngine=No JSR 223 script engine found for language "%s".
validatedMethodMustNotBeNull=The method to be validated must not be null.
validatedObjectMustNotBeNull=The object to be validated must not be null.
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