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 /* ************************************************************************
 #  DivConq
 #  Copyright:
 #    Copyright 2014 eTimeline, LLC. All rights reserved.
#  License:
#    See the license.txt file in the project's top-level directory for details.
#  Authors:
#    * Andy White
************************************************************************ */


DivConq uses Tasks for many things. Generally any processing that you don't want to do in your current thread should be placed in a Task. A task may then be run on the local hub's work pool directly or the task may be submitted to a shared bucket of work that can be processed by any hub in the Squad.

You start by making a Task which describes what you want to do:

Task task = new Task()
  .withTitle("Greeting Carl " + i)
  .withParams(new RecordStruct(new FieldStruct("Greet", "Carl")))
  .withTimeout(5)  // give 5 seconds to complete
  .withWork(SlowGreetWork.class);    // the class that does the work

Now either submit the task to the local WorkPool to run immediately:


or submit the task to the shared work queue to run on the next available DivConq server:


Submits to the work queue also have an audit trail of their run in the dcwork* tables. The local work pool has no audit beyond what might show up in the log file. Note that at present work queue requires that you have a properly configured SQL database, work pool does not.

The key classes for this package are Task, IWork, TaskRun, WorkPool, WorkQueue.

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