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This package contains classes for common API Tasks. TODO see ncc.uploader.Main Class that processes Uploader Web service requests. see ncc.uploader.AuthService Class that processes admin login requests. How uploads work: 1) Request an upload via the DataChannel of the current session Message msg = new Message("Session", "DataChannel", "Establish", new RecordStruct( new FieldStruct("Title", title), new FieldStruct("Mode", mode), new FieldStruct("StreamRequest", streamRequest) )); attach to that a request (StreamRequest) that will be sent to a service. If using the recommended Service structure this is what that attachment would look like: RecordStruct rec = new RecordStruct(); rec.setField("FilePath", optional - File Name or Common Path); rec.setField("FileToken", optional - a token that represents a file, or path); rec.setField("FileSize", optional - expected size of the upload); Message streamRequest = new Message(Name of File Store Service, "FileStore", "StartUpload", rec); You do not have to use the recommended structure, any Message is allowed for StreamRequest but the service must respond with correct values.
package divconq.api.tasks;
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