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 package com.fasterxml.clustermate.client;
 import java.util.*;
Class that contains information about failure of an operation as it relates to call(s) to a single server node. Each instance contains at least one actual
public class NodeFailure
    protected final ClusterServerNode _server;
    protected LinkedList<CallFailure_failures;
    public NodeFailure(ClusterServerNode serverCallFailure firstFail)
         = server;
         = new LinkedList<CallFailure>();
    public void addFailure(CallFailure fail) {
    public ClusterServerNode getServer() { return ; }

Returns number of attempts that were made before giving up
    public int getFailCount() { return .size(); }
    public CallFailure getFirstCallFailure() { return .getFirst(); }
    public CallFailure getLastCallFailure() { return .getLast(); }
    public Iterable<CallFailuregetCallFailures() { return ; }
    public String toString() {
        return "[Node Failure: "+.size()+" failed; first = "+getFirstCallFailure()+"]";
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