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Value class returned from "PUT" (insert, upsert) operations, to indicate actions taken.
 public class StorableCreationResult
    protected final boolean _succeeded;
Key of the entry that was to be inserted
    protected final StorableKey _key;

Entry that was to be stored in the store: may or may not be successfully put.
    protected final Storable _newEntry;
In case there was an existing entry, it will be returned here
    protected final Storable _prevEntry;
    public StorableCreationResult(StorableKey keyboolean success,
    		Storable newEntryStorable prevEntry)
         = key;
         = success;
         = newEntry;
         = prevEntry;
    public boolean succeeded() { return ; }
    public StorableKey getKey() { return ; }
    public Storable getNewEntry() { return ; }
    public Storable getPreviousEntry() { return ; }
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