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Simple value class used for binding configuration settings used with FileManager
 public class FileManagerConfig
    // for deserializers
    protected FileManagerConfig() { }
    public FileManagerConfig(File dataRoot) {
        this. = dataRoot;
    /* Simple config properties

Maximum number of data files to store in a single directory, before having to construct a new one.

Default value is chosen below value used by Unix shell to truncate directory listing output (which is usually 1024)

    public int maxFilesPerDirectory = 1000;

Maximum length of filenames to create for data entries

Default value chosen assuming typical Unix file system limit of 255 bytes. NOTE: implementations may choose to limit maximum length to lower values than specified here, if the underlying file system has stricter limits.

    public int maxFilenameLength = 240;

Name of root directory (using relative or absolute path) under which actual data directories will be created.
    public File dataRoot;
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