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 package com.fasterxml.clustermate.api;

Interface implemented by server-side request objects, to allow routing/dispatching of requests based on information from path and related target metadata. Note that all values are handled as-is, without doing any URL decoded (or encoding).

Note: typically implemented by server-side request objects.

public interface DecodableRequestPath
Accessor for generic type of request.
    public OperationType getOperation();
Method for returning current remaning path (not including parts that have been removed with nextPathSegment()); and without additional URL decoding (but may have been decoded, as per getDecodedPath()). Usually used to be able to later on reset path with setPath().
    public String getPath();

Method for returning current remaining path, but first URL decoding it if necessary (if isPathDecoded() returns false).
    public String getDecodedPath();
Whether path as returned by getPath() has already been URL decoded or not.
    public boolean isPathDecoded();

Method for resetting currently active path. Note that the value must obey same "has been URL decoded" value as what isPathDecoded() returns; not encoding or decoding is done by this method.
    public void setPath(String fullPath);

Method for checking the next available path segment, if any are left, removing ("consume") it, and returning to caller.
    public String nextPathSegment();

Method for checking that the next path segment (as returned by nextPathSegment()) would match given segment; and if so, remove the segment and return true. Otherwise returns null and leaves path unchanged.
    public boolean matchPathSegment(String segment);

Accessor for getting value of specified query parameter
    public abstract String getQueryParameter(String key);

Accessor for getting value of specified request header
    public abstract String getHeader(String key);
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