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 package com.fasterxml.clustermate.api.msg;
POJO used to exchange information on status of the cluster; that is, settings for nodes that are known by a given server node. These are exchanged by servers piggy-backed on sync list/pull requests; and may be POSTed on startup and/or shutdown.
public class ClusterStatusMessage
Status of the local node.
    public NodeState local;
    public Collection<NodeStateremote;

Timestamp of time when this message was composed.
    public long creationTime;

Timestamp of last update to aggregated cluster information by the serving server node. May be used for diagnostic purposes, or possibly optimizing access.
    public long clusterLastUpdated;
    // only for deserialization:
    protected ClusterStatusMessage() { }
    public ClusterStatusMessage(long creationTimelong lastUpdated,
            NodeState localCollection<NodeStateremote)
        this. = creationTime;
        this. = lastUpdated;
        this. = local;
        if (remote == null) {
            this. = Collections.emptyList();
        } else {
            this. = remote;
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