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 package com.fasterxml.clustermate.api;
 import java.util.*;
Enumeration of types of list items available for listing entries.
public enum ListItemType
Entries are ids in their binary form encoded as Base64 in JSON (and raw bytes in Smile). Return type will be <link>StorableKey</link>
Entries are external textual representations of ids; Strings that can be converted back to raw ids as necessary, but can also be printed out for diagnostics. Return type will be java.lang.String
Object entries that include id (in binary form) as well as small set of additional StoreMate-level metadata.
Object entries are com.fasterxml.clustermate.api.msg.ListItem subtypes that contain additional information that service provides.
    private final Class<?> _valueType;
    private ListItemType(Class<?> valueType) {
         = valueType;

Accessor for getting java.lang.Class of actual items returned with this logical type.
    public Class<?> getValueType() { return ; }
    private final static HashMap<String,ListItemType_entries = new HashMap<String,ListItemType>();
    static {
        for (ListItemType t : ListItemType.values()) {
            .put(, t);
    public static ListItemType find(String str)
        return .get(str);
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