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 package com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.annotation;
Annotation used to configure details of a Builder class: instances of which are used as Builders for deserialized POJO values, instead of POJOs being instantiated using constructors or factory methods. Note that this annotation is NOT used to define what is the Builder class for a POJO: rather, this is determined by JsonDeserialize.builder property of JsonDeserialize.

Annotation is typically used if the naming convention of a Builder class is different from defaults:

public @interface JsonPOJOBuilder
Property to use for re-defining which zero-argument method is considered the actual "build-method": method called after all data has been bound, and the actual instance needs to be instantiated.

Default value is "build".

	public String buildMethodName() default "build";

Property used for (re)defining name prefix to use for auto-detecting "with-methods": methods that are similar to "set-methods" (in that they take an argument), but that may also return the new builder instance to use (which may be 'this', or a new modified builder instance). Note that in addition to this prefix, it is also possible to use com.fasterxml.jackson.annotation.JsonProperty annotation to indicate "with-methods" (as well as com.fasterxml.jackson.annotation.JsonSetter).

Default value is "with", so that method named "withValue()" would be used for binding JSON property "value" (using type indicated by the argument; or one defined with annotations.

	public String withPrefix() default "with";
    /* Helper classes

Simple value container for containing values read from JsonPOJOBuilder annotation instance.
	public class Value
        public final String buildMethodName;
	    public final String withPrefix;
	    public Value(JsonPOJOBuilder ann)
	         = ann.buildMethodName();
	         = ann.withPrefix();
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