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 package com.ning.compress;
Abstract class that defines "push" style API for various uncompressors (aka decompressors or decoders). Implements are alternatives to stream based uncompressors (such as com.ning.compress.lzf.LZFInputStream) in cases where "push" operation is important and/or blocking is not allowed; for example, when handling asynchronous HTTP responses.

Note that API does not define the way that listener is attached: this is typically passed through to constructor of the implementation.

Tatu Saloranta (
public abstract class Uncompressor
Method called to feed more compressed data to be uncompressed, and sent to possible listeners.
    public abstract void feedCompressedData(byte[] compint offsetint len)
        throws IOException;

Method called to indicate that all data to uncompress has already been fed. This typically results in last block of data being uncompressed, and results being sent to listener(s); but may also throw an exception if incomplete block was passed.
    public abstract void complete() throws IOException;
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