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 package com.ning.compress.lzf.util;
Simple helper class used for loading com.ning.compress.lzf.ChunkDecoder implementations, based on criteria such as "fastest available".

Yes, it looks butt-ugly, but does the job. Nonetheless, if anyone has lipstick for this pig, let me know.

public class ChunkDecoderFactory
    private final static ChunkDecoderFactory _instance;
    static {
        Class<?> impl = null;
        try {
            // first, try loading optimal one, which uses Sun JDK Unsafe...
            impl = (Class<?>) Class.forName(UnsafeChunkDecoder.class.getName());
        } catch (Throwable t) { }
        if (impl == null) {
            impl = VanillaChunkDecoder.class;
         = new ChunkDecoderFactory(impl);
    private final Class<? extends ChunkDecoder_implClass;
    private ChunkDecoderFactory(Class<?> imp)
         = (Class<? extends ChunkDecoder>) imp;
    // Public API
Method to use for getting decoder instance that uses the most optimal available methods for underlying data access. It should be safe to call this method as implementations are dynamically loaded; however, on some non-standard platforms it may be necessary to either directly load instances, or use safeInstance().
    public static ChunkDecoder optimalInstance() {
        try {
            return ..newInstance();
        } catch (Exception e) {
            throw new IllegalStateException("Failed to load a ChunkDecoder instance ("+e.getClass().getName()+"): "
                    +e.getMessage(), e);

Method that can be used to ensure that a "safe" decoder instance is loaded. Safe here means that it should work on any and all Java platforms.
    public static ChunkDecoder safeInstance() {
        // this will always succeed loading; no need to use dynamic class loading or instantiation
        return new VanillaChunkDecoder();
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