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 import java.util.Map;

Used for storing a serialized form of processor-specific metadata, including a collection of SyncDataSet objects and processor connection properties; used only by SyncProcessor implementations. A SyncProcessor implementation calls SyncProcessor.writeProcessorMetadata(, SyncProcessor.readProcessorMetadata(

A SyncProcessor implementation will normally subclass ProcessorMetadata to add processor specific connection properties and other metadata. Because Java serialization is used to store the metadata object, the subclass must be serializable. Note that SyncDataSet may also be subclassed to add processor-specific information.

public class ProcessorMetadata<S extends SyncDataSetimplements Serializable {
    private Map<String, S> dataSets = new HashMap<String, S>();
    public Collection<S> getDataSets() {
        return .values();
    public void addDataSet(S dataSet) {
        .put(dataSet.getName(), dataSet);
    public void removeDataSet(String name) {
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