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Defines a synchronized database as a mapping between external table/view name and local JE database name, and includes a RecordConverter for converting between local and external record data.
public class SyncDatabase implements Serializable {
    /* The snapshot name of this database on Mobile server. */
    private final String externalName;
    /* The name of this JE database in JE Environment. */
    private final String localName;
    /* RecordConverter used to convert records in this database. */
    private final RecordConverter converter;

Creates a synchronized database definition.
    public SyncDatabase(String externalName,
                        String localName,
                        RecordConverter converter) {
        this. = externalName;
        this. = localName;
        this. = converter;

Returns the name of the external table/view.
    public String getExternalName() {
        return ;

Returns the name of the local JE Database, or null if a default local name is to be used but has not yet been assigned.
    public String getLocalName() {
        return ;

Returns the record converter. Note that this may be a RecordMapping, which implements the RecordConverter interface.
    public RecordConverter getConverter() {
        return ;
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