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 import java.util.Map;
Manages one or more synchronized data sets for Oracle Mobile Server and processes sync operations.
public class MobileSyncProcessor extends SyncProcessor {
    /* Save datasets registered to this MobileSyncProcessor. */
    private final Map<StringSyncDataSetdataSets = 
        new HashMap<StringSyncDataSet>(); 

Creates a SyncProcessor for Oracle Mobile Server.
    public MobileSyncProcessor(Environment env,
                               String processorName,
                               MobileConnectionConfig connectionConfig) {

Returns the connection configuration.
        return null;

Changes the connection configuration.
    public void setConnectionConfig(MobileConnectionConfig connectionConfig) {

    public SyncDataSet addDataSet(String dataSetName,
                                  Collection<SyncDatabasedatabases) {
        /* Create a new MobileDataSet, register it to this SyncProcessor. */
        MobileDataSet dataSet = 
            new MobileDataSet(dataSetNamethisdatabases);
        return dataSet;
    public void removeDataSet(String dataSetName) {

    public Map<StringSyncDataSetgetDataSets() {
        return ;
    public void syncAll(ExportConfig exportConfigImportConfig importConfig) {
    public void sync(ExportConfig exportConfig,
                     ImportConfig importConfig,
                     String... dataSetName) {
    public void cancelSync() {
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