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 package com.fasterxml.clustermate.service.cluster;
 import java.util.*;
Class that defines information that service components need to access, wrt state of cluster as seen from perspective of a single service node.
public abstract class ClusterViewByServer
    /* Simple accessors
    public abstract int size();
    public abstract KeySpace getKeySpace();
    public abstract NodeState getLocalState();
    public abstract NodeState getRemoteState(IpAndPort key);
    // need generic type to avoid casts when accessing impl
    public abstract List<ClusterPeergetPeers();
    public abstract Collection<NodeStategetRemoteStates();
    public abstract long getLastUpdated();

Helper method that can be called to see whether given key may be handled by the local service, according to its current definitions.
    public abstract boolean containsLocally(EntryKey k);
    /* Advanced accessors
    public abstract int getActiveCoverage();
    public abstract int getActiveCoveragePct();
    public abstract int getTotalCoverage();
    public abstract int getTotalCoveragePct();
    public abstract ClusterStatusMessage asMessage();

Method for calculating hash code over shared date, used for determining whether state as observed by this node has changed materially.
    public abstract long getHashOverState();
    /* Other misc functionality for adding cluster info on messages
Method called to add information about cluster state caller has when making Sync List request.
    public abstract RequestPathBuilder addClusterStateInfo(RequestPathBuilder requestBuilder);

Method called to add information about cluster state, as piggy-backed on responses other than explicit cluster state requests.

response Response to modify
Original response object; only returned to allow call chaining, instance never different from passed-in argument.
    public abstract ServiceResponse addClusterStateInfo(ServiceResponse response);
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