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 package com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.jsonFormatVisitors;
Visit method called for structured types, as well as possibly for leaf types (especially if handled by custom serializers).

handler Serializer used, to allow for further callbacks
elementType Type of elements in JSON array value
    void itemsFormat(JsonFormatVisitable handlerJavaType elementType)
        throws JsonMappingException;
Visit method that is called if the content type is a simple scalar type like JsonFormatTypes.STRING (but not for structured types like JsonFormatTypes.OBJECT since they would be missing type information).
    void itemsFormat(JsonFormatTypes format)
        throws JsonMappingException;

Default "empty" implementation, useful as the base to start on; especially as it is guaranteed to implement all the method of the interface, even if new methods are getting added.
    public static class Base implements JsonArrayFormatVisitor {
        protected SerializerProvider _provider;
        public Base() { }
        public Base(SerializerProvider p) {  = p; }
        public SerializerProvider getProvider() { return ; }
        public void setProvider(SerializerProvider p) {  = p; }
        public void itemsFormat(JsonFormatVisitable handlerJavaType elementType)
            throws JsonMappingException { }
        public void itemsFormat(JsonFormatTypes format)
            throws JsonMappingException { }
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