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 package com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.jsonFormatVisitors;
Visitor called when properties of a type that maps to JSON Object are being visited: this usually means POJOs, but sometimes other types use it too (like java.util.EnumMap).
Callback method called when a POJO property is being traversed.
    public void property(BeanProperty writerthrows JsonMappingException;

Callback method called when a non-POJO property (typically something like an Enum entry of java.util.EnumMap type) is being traversed. With POJOs, property(com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.BeanProperty) is called instead.
    public void property(String nameJsonFormatVisitable handlerJavaType propertyTypeHintthrows JsonMappingException;
    public void optionalProperty(BeanProperty writerthrows JsonMappingException;
    public void optionalProperty(String nameJsonFormatVisitable handler,
            JavaType propertyTypeHint)
        throws JsonMappingException;

Default "empty" implementation, useful as the base to start on; especially as it is guaranteed to implement all the method of the interface, even if new methods are getting added.
    public static class Base
        implements JsonObjectFormatVisitor
        protected SerializerProvider _provider;
        public Base() { }
        public Base(SerializerProvider p) {  = p; }
        public SerializerProvider getProvider() { return ; }
        public void setProvider(SerializerProvider p) {  = p; }
        public void property(BeanProperty propthrows JsonMappingException { }
        public void property(String nameJsonFormatVisitable handler,
                JavaType propertyTypeHintthrows JsonMappingException { }
        public void optionalProperty(BeanProperty prop)
                throws JsonMappingException { }
        public void optionalProperty(String nameJsonFormatVisitable handler,
                JavaType propertyTypeHintthrows JsonMappingException { }
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