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Defines a sychronized data set as a set of local databases to be synchronized with an external system. An instance of this class is created by calling SyncProcessor.addDataSet.
public abstract class SyncDataSet implements Serializable {
    /* The name of the data set. */
    private final String dataSetName;
    /* The processor to which this data set belongs. */
    private transient SyncProcessor processor;
    /* The collection of SyncDatabases this data set monitors. */
    private final Collection<SyncDatabasedatabases;

Used by subclasses to create a SyncDataSet.
    protected SyncDataSet(String dataSetName,
                          SyncProcessor processor
                          Collection<SyncDatabasedatabases) {
        this. = dataSetName;
        this. = databases;


Need to invoke it after de-serialization in SyncDB, so the method has to be public.
    public void initSyncProcessor(SyncProcessor processor) {
        this. = processor;

Returns the name of the data set, which is unique among all data sets for each SyncProcessor instance.
    public String getName() {
        return ;

Returns the SyncProcessor that manages this data set.
    public SyncProcessor getProcessor() {
        return ;

Returns the databases that are synchronized.
    public Collection<SyncDatabasegetDatabases() {
        return ;
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