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AbstractConnector=Abstract implementation of the Connector interface.
acceptQueueSize=The size of the accept queue.
acceptorPriorityOffset=Priority offset of the acceptor threads. The priority is adjusted by this amount to either favor the acceptance of new threads and newly active connections or to favor the handling of already dispatched connections.
acceptors=The number of acceptor threads.
confidentialPort=Port to use for confidential redirections.
confidentialScheme=Scheme to use for confidential redirections.
forwarded=Whether reverse proxy handling is on. True if this connector is checking the forwarded for/host/server headers.
forwardedForHeader=The header name for forwarded for (default x-forwarded-for).
forwardedHostHeader=The header name for forwarded hosts (default x-forwarded-host)
forwardedServerHeader=The header name for forwarded server (default x-forwarded-server)
host=Host name of the server.
hostHeader=Forced value for the host header. Only used if forwarded is true.
integralPort=Port to use for integral redirections.
integralScheme=Scheme to use for integral redirections.
lowResourcesMaxIdleTime=The period in ms that a connection may be idle when the connector has low resources, before it is closed.
name=Name of the connector.
resolveNames=Whether or not to use DNS when handling forwards.
reuseAddress=Whether the server socket will be opened in SO_REUSEADDR mode.
soLingerTime=Enable or disable SO_LINGER with the specified linger time in seconds.
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