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  *                 Sun Public License Notice
  * The contents of this file are subject to the Sun Public License
  * Version 1.0 (the "License"). You may not use this file except in
  * compliance with the License. A copy of the License is available at
  * The Original Code is NetBeans. The Initial Developer of the Original
 * Code is Sun Microsystems, Inc. Portions Copyright 1997-2000 Sun
 * Microsystems, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
package org.netbeans.lib.cvsclient.admin;

A class for comparing the file's date and the CVS/Entries date.

Thomas Singer
Sep 29, 2001
public final class DateComparator {
	private static final long SECONDS_PER_HOUR = 3600;
	private static final DateComparator singleton = new DateComparator();

Returns an instance of a DateComparator.
	public static DateComparator getInstance() {
		return ;

This class is a singleton. There is no need to subclass or instantiate it outside.
	private DateComparator() {

Compares the specified dates, whether they should be treated as equal. Returns true to indicate equality.
	public boolean equals(final long fileTimefinal long entryTime) {
		final long fileTimeSeconds = fileTime / 1000;
		final long entryTimeSeconds = entryTime / 1000;
		final long difference = Math.abs(fileTimeSeconds - entryTimeSeconds);
		// differences smaller than 3 seconds are treated as equal
		if (difference < 3) {
			return true;
		// 1-hour-differences (caused by daylight-saving) are treated as equal
		if (difference >=  - 3
		        && difference <=  + 3) {
			return true;
		return false;
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