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$if(error)$<div class="error">$error$</div>$endif$
$if(success)$<div class="success">$success$</div>$endif$

<div class="suspended_accounts">

	<h3>Suspended Accounts</h3>
		Security measures may temporarily block an individual person, or an IP address
		from being able to sign in to the system. You may remove these temporary locks,
		or wait for them to automatically expire. (This list includes both locked, and almost
		locked keys).

	<p class="not_found">There are no people or IP addresses with active suspensions.</p>
	<ul class="chevron">
		$s.uid;format="html"$ ($s.updated$)
		<a href='$formurl$/suspended.accounts?q=$q;format="url"$&amp;uuid=$s.uid$&amp;a=$auth$' class="delete">Delete</a>


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