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dupLibrary=a library already exists for URI "%s"
malformedKeyword=attempt to build keyword "%s" with a validator but no digester
noAppropriateConstructor=class "%2$s" has no appropriate constructor (keyword "%1$s"; expected a constructor with a JsonNode as an argument)
noChecker=attempt to build keyword "%s" without a syntax checker
nullAttribute=attempt to register null implementation of format attribute "%s"
nullDigester=attempt to register a null digester for keyword "%s"
nullFormat=format attribute name cannot be null
nullInstance=instance cannot be null
nullKeyword=attempt to add null keyword to library
nullLibrary=library cannot be null
nullLoadingCfg=loading configuration must not be null
nullMessageBundle=message bundle cannot be null
nullName=keyword name cannot be null
nullReportProvider=report provider must not be null
nullSyntaxChecker=attempt to register a null syntax checker for keyword "%s"
nullType=null type argument to digester constructor
nullValidationCfg=validation configuration must not be null
nullVersion=version cannot be null
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