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err.common.additionalItems.notAllowed=schema only allows %d elements in array but instance has %d elements
err.common.additionalProperties.notAllowed=object instance has properties which are not allowed by the schema: %s
err.common.dependencies.missingPropertyDeps=property "%s" of object has missing property dependencies (schema requires %s; missing: %s)
err.common.divisor.nonZeroRemainder=remainder of division is not zero (%s / %s)
err.common.enum.notInEnum=instance value (%s) not found in enum (possible values: %s)
err.common.maxItems.arrayTooLarge=array is too long: must have at most %d elements but instance has %d elements
err.common.maxLength.tooLong=string "%s" is too long (length: %d, maximum allowed: %d)
err.common.maximum.notExclusive=numeric instance is not strictly lower than the required maximum %s
err.common.maximum.tooLarge=numeric instance is greater than the required maximum (maximum: %s, found: %s)
err.common.minItems.arrayTooShort=array is too short: must have at least %d elements but instance has %d elements
err.common.minLength.tooShort=string "%s" is too short (length: %d, required minimum: %d)
err.common.minimum.notExclusive=numeric instance is not strictly greater than the required minimum %s
err.common.minimum.tooSmall=numeric instance is lower than the required minimum (minimum: %s, found: %s)
err.common.object.missingMembers=object has missing required properties (%s)
err.common.pattern.noMatch=ECMA 262 regex "%s" does not match input string "%s"
err.common.schema.noMatch=instance failed to match at least one required schema among %d
err.common.typeNoMatch=instance type (%s) does not match any allowed primitive type (allowed: %s)
err.common.uniqueItems.duplicateElements=array must not contain duplicate elements
err.draftv3.disallow.schema=instance matched %d out of %d explicitly forbidden schema(s)
err.draftv3.disallow.type=instance is of type %s, which is explicitly forbidden (disallowed: %s) failed to match all required schemas (matched only %d out of %d)
err.draftv4.maxProperties.tooManyMembers=object has too many properties (found %d but schema requires at most %d)
err.draftv4.minProperties.notEnoughMembers=object has too few properties (found %d but schema requires at least %d) matched a schema which it should not have failed to match exactly one schema (matched %d out of %d)
err.format.UUID.invalid=input string "%s" is not a valid UUID
err.format.base64.badLength=input has illegal length (must be a multiple of 4, found %d)
err.format.base64.illegalChars=illegal character "%s" at index %d (not in Base64 alphabet)
err.format.hexString.badLength=input string has incorrect length (%d, expected %d)
err.format.hexString.illegalChar=illegal character "%s" in input at index %d
err.format.invalidDate=string "%s" is invalid against requested date format(s) %s
err.format.invalidEmail=string "%s" is not a valid email address
err.format.invalidHostname=string "%s" is not a valid hostname
err.format.invalidIPV6Address=string "%s" is not a valid IPv6 address
err.format.invalidIPv4Address=string "%s" is not a valid IPv4 address
err.format.invalidPhoneNumber=string "%s" is not recognized as a phone number
err.format.invalidRegex=string "%s" is not a valid ECMA 262 regular expression
err.format.invalidURI=string "%s" is not a valid URI
err.format.jsonpointer.invalid=input string "%s" is not a valid JSON Pointer
err.format.macAddr.invalid=input string "%s" is not a valid MAC address
err.format.uriTemplate.invalid=input string "%s" is not a valid URI template
warn.format.epoch.negative=value for epoch is negative (%s), probably not what you want
warn.format.epoch.overflow=value for epoch may lead to overflow (found %s, which is greater than 2^31 - 1)
warn.format.notSupported=format attribute "%s" not supported
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