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This simple interface represents a MenuItem location, that is "where should this item points in the menu?" This is an abstraction of a location, and must be implemented on each PM implementation.
 <menu-item text="xxxx" perm="xxxx">
             <location id="some_location_id" value="some_value" />
Each implementation of this interface must be defined in a location file with the id and class that implements this interface. The idea is that each location builds its own "pointer" on each menu leaf. The configuration file for locations has this general form:
 <?xml version='1.0' ?>
 <!DOCTYPE entity SYSTEM "location.dtd">
     <location id="yyyyy" class="jpaoletti.jpm.yyyy.MenuItemLocationXxxxx"/>
     <location id="xxxxx" class="jpaoletti.jpm.xxxx.MenuItemLocationYyyyy"/>

public interface MenuItemLocation {

Builds a custom representation of the goal of a menu item

item The menu item
params Generic parameters.
The representation of the link
    public Object build(MenuItem itemObject... params);
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