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 package com.github.kristofa.brave.zipkin;
 import  org.apache.thrift.TException;

The ThriftClientProvider is introduced mainly to be able to cope with temporary network connection issues.

<T> Client instance type.
interface ThriftClientProvider<T> {

Initializes the client connection. This should only be done initially.. The idea is that if we end up with an issue during initial connection setup the user can choose to abort.
    void setup() throws TException;

Gets our client instance.

Client instance.
    T getClient();

Logs an exception as a result of using the returned client. Based on the exception we can decide to re-initialize the client/connection to deal with for example temporary network connectivity issues.

exception Thrift exception.
New client instance in case we decided the exception could be dealt with by making a new client insance. null in case we decided a new client would not resolve the exception.
    T exception(TException exception);

Closes the client. Once closed it will probably not be usable anymore.
    void close();
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