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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

                <!-- specifies a specific class or pattern which matches if it is equal to the exception class itself or any
                supertype or implemented interface -->

                <!-- a specific class from which the exception was originally thrown; can contain wildcards -->

                <!-- called-from a specific class+method that must be present in the stack frames; can contain wildcards -->

                <!-- whether the message from an exception (or any exception in the caused by chain) matches the regular
                expression here -->

                <!-- if you just want to control the whole text and replace it use this -->
                <!--<replaceMessage> Use this test instead </replaceMessage>-->

                <!-- replaces the message with a big flower box with some verbiage and the given hints -->
                <!--<addHint>Here's some hints to help</addHint>-->

                <!-- intercept and log the exception trace to slf4j-->
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