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 import java.util.Map;

The default implementation for verifying the authenticity of messages using digital signatures when the public key is configured in an underlying mapping using a logical name.

Mirko Caserta (
    private Map<StringVerifiercache = new HashMap<StringVerifier>();
    private String algorithm = "SHA1withRSA";
    private Map<StringPublicKeypublicKeyMap;

The signature algorithm. The default is SHA1withRSA.

algorithm the signature algorithm
    public void setAlgorithm(String algorithm) {
        this. = algorithm;

The map of public keys where the map keys are logical names which must match the publicKeyId parameter as specified in the verify method.

publicKeyMap the public key map
See also:
    public void setPublicKeyMap(Map<StringPublicKeypublicKeyMap) {
        this. = publicKeyMap;

Verifies the authenticity of a message using a digital signature.

publicKeyId the logical name of the public key as configured in the public key map
message the original message to verify
signature the digital signature
true if the original message is verified by the digital signature
See also:
    public boolean verify(String publicKeyIdbyte[] messagebyte[] signature) {
        Verifier verifier = .get(publicKeyId);
        if (verifier != null) {
            return verifier.verify(messagesignature);
        VerifierImpl verifierImpl = new VerifierImpl();
        PublicKey publicKey = .get(publicKeyId);
        if (publicKey == null) {
            throw new SignatureException("public key not found: publicKeyId=" + publicKeyId);
        return verifierImpl.verify(messagesignature);
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