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 package com.springcryptoutils.core.cipher.symmetric;
The default implementation for generating base64 encoded versions of symmetric encryption keys.

Mirko Caserta (
	private boolean chunkOutput;
	private String algorithm = "DESede";
	private String provider;

Sets the key algorithm. Default is DESede (triple DES).

algorithm the algorithm
	public void setAlgorithm(String algorithm) {
		this. = algorithm;

Sets the provider name of the specific implementation requested (e.g., "BC" for BouncyCastle, "SunJCE" for the default Sun JCE provider).

provider the provider to set
	public void setProvider(String provider) {
		this. = provider;

If the base64 encoded version of the generated key is wider than the standard console width, should it be formatted so it's easier to read? The default is false.

chunkOutput to chunk or not to chunk?
	public void setChunkOutput(boolean chunkOutput) {
		this. = chunkOutput;

Generates a base64 encoded version of a newly instanced symmetric encryption key.

the base64 encoded version of a newly instanced symmetric encryption key
	public String generate() {
		return new String(Base64.encodeBase64(.generate(), ));
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