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 package com.springcryptoutils.core.cipher.symmetric;
The default implementation for generating symmetric encryption keys.

Mirko Caserta (
public class KeyGeneratorImpl implements KeyGeneratorInitializingBean {
	private String algorithm = "DESede";
	private String provider;

Sets the key algorithm. Default is DESede (triple DES).

algorithm the algorithm
	public void setAlgorithm(String algorithm) {
		this. = algorithm;

Sets the provider name of the specific implementation requested (e.g., "BC" for BouncyCastle, "SunJCE" for the default Sun JCE provider).

provider the provider to set
	public void setProvider(String provider) {
		this. = provider;

Generates a new symmetric encryption key.

the new symmetric encryption key
	public byte[] generate() {
		if (( == null) || (.length() == 0)) {
			 = javax.crypto.KeyGenerator.getInstance();
else {
			 = javax.crypto.KeyGenerator.getInstance();
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