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// ** I18N

// Calendar pt_BR language
// Author: Adalberto Machado, <>
// Encoding: any
// Distributed under the same terms as the calendar itself.

// For translators: please use UTF-8 if possible.  We strongly believe that
// Unicode is the answer to a real internationalized world.  Also please
// include your contact information in the header, as can be seen above.

// full day names
Calendar._DN = new Array

// Please note that the following array of short day names (and the same goes
// for short month names, _SMN) isn't absolutely necessary.  We give it here
// for exemplification on how one can customize the short day names, but if
// they are simply the first N letters of the full name you can simply say:
//   Calendar._SDN_len = N; // short day name length
//   Calendar._SMN_len = N; // short month name length
// If N = 3 then this is not needed either since we assume a value of 3 if not
// present, to be compatible with translation files that were written before
// this feature.

// short day names
Calendar._SDN = new Array

// full month names
Calendar._MN = new Array

// short month names
Calendar._SMN = new Array

// First day of the week. "0" means display Sunday first, "1" means display
// Monday first, etc.
Calendar._FD = 1;

// tooltips
Calendar._TT = {};
Calendar._TT["INFO"] = "Sobre o calendario";

Calendar._TT["ABOUT"] =
"DHTML Date/Time Selector\n" +
"(c) 2002-2005 / Author: Mihai Bazon\n" + // don't translate this this ;-)
"Ultima versao visite:\n" +
"Distribuido sobre GNU LGPL.  Veja para detalhes." +
"\n\n" +
"Selecao de data:\n" +
"- Use os botoes \xab, \xbb para selecionar o ano\n" +
"- Use os botoes " + String.fromCharCode(0x2039) + ", " + String.fromCharCode(0x203a) + " para selecionar o mes\n" +
"- Segure o botao do mouse em qualquer um desses botoes para selecao rapida.";
Calendar._TT["ABOUT_TIME"] = "\n\n" +
"Selecao de hora:\n" +
"- Clique em qualquer parte da hora para incrementar\n" +
"- ou Shift-click para decrementar\n" +
"- ou clique e segure para selecao rapida.";

Calendar._TT["PREV_YEAR"] = "Ant. ano (segure para menu)";
Calendar._TT["PREV_MONTH"] = "Ant. mes (segure para menu)";
Calendar._TT["GO_TODAY"] = "Hoje";
Calendar._TT["NEXT_MONTH"] = "Prox. mes (segure para menu)";
Calendar._TT["NEXT_YEAR"] = "Prox. ano (segure para menu)";
Calendar._TT["SEL_DATE"] = "Selecione a data";
Calendar._TT["DRAG_TO_MOVE"] = "Arraste para mover";
Calendar._TT["PART_TODAY"] = " (hoje)";

// the following is to inform that "%s" is to be the first day of week
// %s will be replaced with the day name.
Calendar._TT["DAY_FIRST"] = "Mostre %s primeiro";

// This may be locale-dependent.  It specifies the week-end days, as an array
// of comma-separated numbers.  The numbers are from 0 to 6: 0 means Sunday, 1
// means Monday, etc.
Calendar._TT["WEEKEND"] = "0,6";

Calendar._TT["CLOSE"] = "Fechar";
Calendar._TT["TODAY"] = "Hoje";
Calendar._TT["TIME_PART"] = "(Shift-)Click ou arraste para mudar valor";

// date formats
Calendar._TT["DEF_DATE_FORMAT"] = "%d/%m/%Y";
Calendar._TT["TT_DATE_FORMAT"] = "%a, %e %b";

Calendar._TT["WK"] = "sm";
Calendar._TT["TIME"] = "Hora:";
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