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   * Copyright 2008 Google Inc.
   * Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not
   * use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of
   * the License at
  * Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
  * distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT
  * WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
  * License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under
  * the License.
 import java.util.Date;


KeyboardEvent objects describe a user interaction with the keyboard. Each event describes a key; the event type (keydown, keypress, or keyup) identifies what kind of activity was performed.

Note: The KeyboardEvent interface is deprecated in DOM Level 3 in favor of the new TextInput interface and the corresponding textinput event, which have improved support for alternate input methods.  However, DOM Level 3 textinput events are not yet implemented in Gecko (as of version 6.0), so code written for Gecko browsers should continue to use KeyboardEvent for now.
 public interface KeyboardEvent extends UIEvent {
Defines the standard key locations returned by KeyboardEvent.getKeyLocation().
 public interface KeyLocation {

The event key is not distinguished as the left or right version of the key, and did not originate from the numeric keypad (or did not originate with a virtual key corresponding to the numeric keypad).
   public static final int STANDARD = 0;

The event key is in the left key location.
   public static final int LEFT = 1;

The event key is in the right key location.
   public static final int RIGHT = 2;

The event key originated on the numeric keypad or with a virtual key corresponding to the numeric keypad.
   public static final int NUMPAD = 3;

The event key originated on a mobile device, either on a physical keypad or a virtual keyboard.
   public static final int MOBILE = 4;

The event key originated on a game controller or a joystick on a mobile device.
   public static final int JOYSTICK = 5;

Defines the expected key codes returned by KeyboardEvent.getKeyCode().

See also:
 public interface KeyCode {
   public static final int BACKSPACE = 8;
   public static final int TAB = 9;
   public static final int NUM_CENTER = 12; // NUMLOCK on FF/Safari Mac
   public static final int ENTER = 13;
   public static final int SHIFT = 16;
   public static final int CTRL = 17;
   public static final int ALT = 18;
   public static final int PAUSE = 19;
   public static final int CAPS_LOCK = 20;
   public static final int ESC = 27;
   public static final int SPACE = 32;
   public static final int PAGE_UP = 33; // also NUM_NORTH_EAST
   public static final int PAGE_DOWN = 34; // also NUM_SOUTH_EAST
   public static final int END = 35; // also NUM_SOUTH_WEST
   public static final int HOME = 36; // also NUM_NORTH_WEST
   public static final int LEFT = 37; // also NUM_WEST
  public static final int UP = 38; // also NUM_NORTH
  public static final int RIGHT = 39; // also NUM_EAST
  public static final int DOWN = 40; // also NUM_SOUTH
  public static final int PRINT_SCREEN = 44;
  public static final int INSERT = 45; // also NUM_INSERT
  public static final int DELETE = 46; // also NUM_DELETE
  public static final int ZERO = 48;
  public static final int ONE = 49;
  public static final int TWO = 50;
  public static final int THREE = 51;
  public static final int FOUR = 52;
  public static final int FIVE = 53;
  public static final int SIX = 54;
  public static final int SEVEN = 55;
  public static final int EIGHT = 56;
  public static final int NINE = 57;
  public static final int QUESTION_MARK = 63; // needs localization
  public static final int A = 65;
  public static final int B = 66;
  public static final int C = 67;
  public static final int D = 68;
  public static final int E = 69;
  public static final int F = 70;
  public static final int G = 71;
  public static final int H = 72;
  public static final int I = 73;
  public static final int J = 74;
  public static final int K = 75;
  public static final int L = 76;
  public static final int M = 77;
  public static final int N = 78;
  public static final int O = 79;
  public static final int P = 80;
  public static final int Q = 81;
  public static final int R = 82;
  public static final int S = 83;
  public static final int T = 84;
  public static final int U = 85;
  public static final int V = 86;
  public static final int W = 87;
  public static final int X = 88;
  public static final int Y = 89;
  public static final int Z = 90;
  public static final int META = 91;
  public static final int CONTEXT_MENU = 93;
  public static final int NUM_ZERO = 96;
  public static final int NUM_ONE = 97;
  public static final int NUM_TWO = 98;
  public static final int NUM_THREE = 99;
  public static final int NUM_FOUR = 100;
  public static final int NUM_FIVE = 101;
  public static final int NUM_SIX = 102;
  public static final int NUM_SEVEN = 103;
  public static final int NUM_EIGHT = 104;
  public static final int NUM_NINE = 105;
  public static final int NUM_MULTIPLY = 106;
  public static final int NUM_PLUS = 107;
  public static final int NUM_MINUS = 109;
  public static final int NUM_PERIOD = 110;
  public static final int NUM_DIVISION = 111;
  public static final int F1 = 112;
  public static final int F2 = 113;
  public static final int F3 = 114;
  public static final int F4 = 115;
  public static final int F5 = 116;
  public static final int F6 = 117;
  public static final int F7 = 118;
  public static final int F8 = 119;
  public static final int F9 = 120;
  public static final int F10 = 121;
  public static final int F11 = 122;
  public static final int F12 = 123;
  public static final int NUMLOCK = 144;
  public static final int SEMICOLON = 186; // needs localization
  public static final int DASH = 189; // needs localization
  public static final int EQUALS = 187; // needs localization
  public static final int COMMA = 188; // needs localization
  public static final int PERIOD = 190; // needs localization
  public static final int SLASH = 191; // needs localization
  public static final int APOSTROPHE = 192; // needs localization
  public static final int SINGLE_QUOTE = 222; // needs localization
  public static final int OPEN_SQUARE_BRACKET = 219; // needs localization
  public static final int BACKSLASH = 220;
  public static final int CLOSE_SQUARE_BRACKET = 221;
  public static final int WIN_KEY = 224;
  public static final int WIN_IME = 229;
Defines the standard keyboard identifier names for keys that are returned by getKeyboardIdentifier when the key does not have a direct unicode mapping.
public interface KeyName {

The Accept (Commit, OK) key
  public static final String ACCEPT = "Accept";

The Add key
  public static final String ADD = "Add";

The Again key
  public static final String AGAIN = "Again";

The All Candidates key
  public static final String ALL_CANDIDATES = "AllCandidates";

The Alphanumeric key
  public static final String ALPHANUMERIC = "Alphanumeric";

The Alt (Menu) key
  public static final String ALT = "Alt";

The Alt-Graph key
  public static final String ALT_GRAPH = "AltGraph";

The Application key
  public static final String APPS = "Apps";

The ATTN key
  public static final String ATTN = "Attn";

The Browser Back key
  public static final String BROWSER_BACK = "BrowserBack";

The Browser Favorites key
  public static final String BROWSER_FAVORTIES = "BrowserFavorites";

The Browser Forward key
  public static final String BROWSER_FORWARD = "BrowserForward";

The Browser Home key
  public static final String BROWSER_NAME = "BrowserHome";

The Browser Refresh key
  public static final String BROWSER_REFRESH = "BrowserRefresh";

The Browser Search key
  public static final String BROWSER_SEARCH = "BrowserSearch";

The Browser Stop key
  public static final String BROWSER_STOP = "BrowserStop";

The Camera key
  public static final String CAMERA = "Camera";

The Caps Lock (Capital) key
  public static final String CAPS_LOCK = "CapsLock";

The Clear key
  public static final String CLEAR = "Clear";

The Code Input key
  public static final String CODE_INPUT = "CodeInput";

The Compose key
  public static final String COMPOSE = "Compose";

The Control (Ctrl) key
  public static final String CONTROL = "Control";

The Crsel key
  public static final String CRSEL = "Crsel";

The Convert key
  public static final String CONVERT = "Convert";

The Copy key
  public static final String COPY = "Copy";

The Cut key
  public static final String CUT = "Cut";

The Decimal key
  public static final String DECIMAL = "Decimal";

The Divide key
  public static final String DIVIDE = "Divide";

The Down Arrow key
  public static final String DOWN = "Down";

The diagonal Down-Left Arrow key
  public static final String DOWN_LEFT = "DownLeft";

The diagonal Down-Right Arrow key
  public static final String DOWN_RIGHT = "DownRight";

The Eject key
  public static final String EJECT = "Eject";

The End key
  public static final String END = "End";

The Enter key. Note: This key value must also be used for the Return (Macintosh numpad) key
  public static final String ENTER = "Enter";

The Erase EOF key
  public static final String ERASE_EOF"EraseEof";

The Execute key
  public static final String EXECUTE = "Execute";

The Exsel key
  public static final String EXSEL = "Exsel";

The Function switch key
  public static final String FN = "Fn";

The F1 key
  public static final String F1 = "F1";

The F2 key
  public static final String F2 = "F2";

The F3 key
  public static final String F3 = "F3";

The F4 key
  public static final String F4 = "F4";

The F5 key
  public static final String F5 = "F5";

The F6 key
  public static final String F6 = "F6";

The F7 key
  public static final String F7 = "F7";

The F8 key
  public static final String F8 = "F8";

The F9 key
  public static final String F9 = "F9";

The F10 key
  public static final String F10 = "F10";

The F11 key
  public static final String F11 = "F11";

The F12 key
  public static final String F12 = "F12";

The F13 key
  public static final String F13 = "F13";

The F14 key
  public static final String F14 = "F14";

The F15 key
  public static final String F15 = "F15";

The F16 key
  public static final String F16 = "F16";

The F17 key
  public static final String F17 = "F17";

The F18 key
  public static final String F18 = "F18";

The F19 key
  public static final String F19 = "F19";

The F20 key
  public static final String F20 = "F20";

The F21 key
  public static final String F21 = "F21";

The F22 key
  public static final String F22 = "F22";

The F23 key
  public static final String F23 = "F23";

The F24 key
  public static final String F24 = "F24";

The Final Mode (Final) key used on some asian keyboards
  public static final String FINAL_MODE = "FinalMode";

The Find key
  public static final String FIND = "Find";

The Full-Width Characters key
  public static final String FULL_WIDTH = "FullWidth";

The Half-Width Characters key
  public static final String HALF_WIDTH = "HalfWidth";

The Hangul (Korean characters) Mode key
  public static final String HANGUL_MODE = "HangulMode";

The Hanja (Korean characters) Mode key
  public static final String HANJA_MODE = "HanjaMode";

The Help key
  public static final String HELP = "Help";

The Hiragana (Japanese Kana characters) key
  public static final String HIRAGANA = "Hiragana";

The Home key
  public static final String HOME = "Home";

The Insert (Ins) key
  public static final String INSERT = "Insert";

The Japanese-Hiragana key
  public static final String JAPANESE_HIRAGANA = "JapaneseHiragana";

The Japanese-Katakana key
  public static final String JAPANESE_KATAKANA = "JapaneseKatakana";

The Japanese-Romaji key
  public static final String JAPANESE_ROMAJI = "JapaneseRomaji";

The Junja Mode key
  public static final String JUNJA_MODE = "JunjaMode";

The Kana Mode (Kana Lock) key
  public static final String KANA_MODE = "KanaMode";

The Kanji (Japanese name for ideographic characters of Chinese origin) Mode key
  public static final String KANJI_MODE = "KanjiMode";

The Katakana (Japanese Kana characters) key
  public static final String KATAKANA = "Katakana";

The Start Application One key
  public static final String LAUNCH_APPLICATION_1 = "LaunchApplication1";

The Start Application Two key
  public static final String LAUNCH_APPLICATION_2 = "LaunchApplication2";

The Start Mail key
  public static final String LAUNCH_MAIL = "LaunchMail";

The Left Arrow key
  public static final String LEFT = "Left";

The Menu key
  public static final String MENU = "Menu";

The Meta key. Note: This key value shall be also used for the Apple Command key
  public static final String META = "Meta";

The Media Next Track key
  public static final String MEDIA_NEXT_TRACK = "MediaNextTrack";

The Media Play Pause key
  public static final String MEDIA_PAUSE_PLAY = "MediaPlayPause";

The Media Previous Track key
  public static final String MEDIA_PREVIOUS_TRACK = "MediaPreviousTrack";

The Media Stop key
  public static final String MEDIA_STOP = "MediaStop";

The Mode Change key
  public static final String MODE_CHANGE = "ModeChange";

The Next Candidate function key
  public static final String NEXT_CANDIDATE = "NextCandidate";

The Nonconvert (Don't Convert) key
  public static final String NON_CONVERT = "Nonconvert";

The Number Lock key
  public static final String NUM_LOCK = "NumLock";

The Page Down (Next) key
  public static final String PAGE_DOWN = "PageDown";

The Page Up key
  public static final String PAGE_UP = "PageUp";

The Paste key
  public static final String PASTE = "Paste";

The Pause key
  public static final String PAUSE = "Pause";

The Play key
  public static final String PLAY = "Play";

The Power key. Note: Some devices may not expose this key to the operating environment
  public static final String POWER = "Power";

The Previous Candidate function key
  public static final String PREVIOUS_CANDIDATE = "PreviousCandidate";

The Print Screen (PrintScrn, SnapShot) key
  public static final String PRINT_SCREEN = "PrintScreen";

The Process key
  public static final String PROCESS = "Process";

The Props key
  public static final String PROPS = "Props";

The Right Arrow key
  public static final String RIGHT = "Right";

The Roman Characters function key
  public static final String ROMAN_CHARACTERS = "RomanCharacters";

The Scroll Lock key
  public static final String SCROLL = "Scroll";

The Select key
  public static final String SELECT = "Select";

The Select Media key
  public static final String SELECT_MEDIA = "SelectMedia";

The Separator key
  public static final String SEPARATOR = "Separator";

The Shift key
  public static final String SHIFT = "Shift";

The Soft1 key
  public static final String SOFT_1 = "Soft1";

The Soft2 key
  public static final String SOFT_2 = "Soft2";

The Soft3 key
  public static final String SOFT_3 = "Soft3";

The Soft4 key
  public static final String SOFT_4 = "Soft4";

The Stop key
  public static final String STOP = "Stop";

The Subtract key
  public static final String SUBTRACT = "Subtract";

The Symbol Lock key
  public static final String SYMBOL_LOCK = "SymbolLock";

The Up Arrow key
  public static final String UP = "Up";

The diagonal Up-Left Arrow key
  public static final String UP_LEFT = "UpLeft";

The diagonal Up-Right Arrow key
  public static final String UP_RIGHT = "UpRight";

The Undo key
  public static final String UNDO = "Undo";

The Volume Down key
  public static final String VOLUME_DOWN = "VolumeDown";

The Volume Mute key
  public static final String VOLUMN_MUTE = "VolumeMute";

The Volume Up key
  public static final String VOLUMN_UP = "VolumeUp";

The Windows Logo key
  public static final String WIN = "Win";

The Zoom key
  public static final String ZOOM = "Zoom";

The Backspace (Back) key. Note: This key value shall be also used for the key labeled 'delete' MacOS keyboards when not modified by the 'Fn' key
  public static final String BACKSPACE = "Backspace";

The Horizontal Tabulation (Tab) key
  public static final String TAB = "Tab";

The Cancel key
  public static final String CANCEL = "Cancel";

The Escape (Esc) key
  public static final String ESC = "Esc";

The Space (Spacebar) key:
  public static final String SPACEBAR = "Spacebar";

The Delete (Del) Key. Note: This key value shall be also used for the key labeled 'delete' MacOS keyboards when modified by the 'Fn' key
  public static final String DEL = "Del";

The Combining Grave Accent (Greek Varia, Dead Grave) key
  public static final String DEAD_GRAVE = "DeadGrave";

The Combining Acute Accent (Stress Mark, Greek Oxia, Tonos, Dead Eacute) key
  public static final String DEAD_EACUTE = "DeadEacute";

The Combining Circumflex Accent (Hat, Dead Circumflex) key
  public static final String DEAD_CIRCUMFLEX = "DeadCircumflex";

The Combining Tilde (Dead Tilde) key
  public static final String DEAD_TILDE = "DeadTilde";

The Combining Macron (Long, Dead Macron) key
  public static final String DEAD_MACRON = "DeadMacron";

The Combining Breve (Short, Dead Breve) key
  public static final String DEAD_BREVE = "DeadBreve";

The Combining Dot Above (Derivative, Dead Above Dot) key
  public static final String DEAD_ABOVE_DOT = "DeadAboveDot";

The Combining Diaeresis (Double Dot Abode, Umlaut, Greek Dialytika, Double Derivative, Dead Diaeresis) key
  public static final String DEAD_UMLAUT = "DeadUmlaut";

The Combining Ring Above (Dead Above Ring) key
  public static final String DEAD_ABOVE_RING = "DeadAboveRing";

The Combining Double Acute Accent (Dead Doubleacute) key
  public static final String DEAD_DOUBLEACUTE = "DeadDoubleacute";

The Combining Caron (Hacek, V Above, Dead Caron) key
  public static final String DEAD_CARON = "DeadCaron";

The Combining Cedilla (Dead Cedilla) key
  public static final String DEAD_CEDILLA = "DeadCedilla";

The Combining Ogonek (Nasal Hook, Dead Ogonek) key
  public static final String DEAD_OGONEK = "DeadOgonek";

The Combining Greek Ypogegrammeni (Greek Non-Spacing Iota Below, Iota Subscript, Dead Iota) key
  public static final String DEAD_IOTA = "DeadIota";

The Combining Katakana-Hiragana Voiced Sound Mark (Dead Voiced Sound) key
  public static final String DEAD_VOICED_SOUND = "DeadVoicedSound";

The Combining Katakana-Hiragana Semi-Voiced Sound Mark (Dead Semivoiced Sound) key
  public static final String DEC_SEMIVOICED_SOUND"DeadSemivoicedSound";

Key value used when an implementation is unable to identify another key value, due to either hardware, platform, or software constraints
  public static final String UNIDENTIFIED = "Unidentified";
  int getKeyCode();
  boolean isAltGraphKey();

true if the Alt (or Option, on Mac) key was active when the key event was generated. Read only.
  boolean isAltKey();

true if the Control key was active when the key event was generated. Read only.
  boolean isCtrlKey();
  int getKeyLocation();

true if the Meta (or Command, on Mac) key was active when the key event was generated. Read only.
  boolean isMetaKey();

true if the Shift key was active when the key event was generated. Read only.
  boolean isShiftKey();


Initializes the attributes of a keyboard event object.

The type of keyboard event; this will be one of keydown, keypress, or keyup.
Whether or not the event can bubble.
Whether or not the event can be canceled.
The value of the char attribute.
The value of the key attribute.
The value of the location attribute.
A whitespace-delineated list of modifier keys that should be considered to be active on the event's key. For example, specifying "Control Shift" indicates that the user was holding down the Control and Shift keys when pressing the key described by the event.
The value of the repeat attribute.
The value of the locale attribute.
  void initKeyboardEvent(String typeboolean canBubbleboolean cancelableWindow viewString keyIdentifierint keyLocationboolean ctrlKeyboolean altKeyboolean shiftKeyboolean metaKeyboolean altGraphKey);
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