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 import java.util.Map;

An abstract representation of the service code called when a request is processed. Typically maps to a method annotated with

Author(s): (Dhanji R. Prasanna)
or something like that. Can be replaced with a SPI to create dynamic behavior.
public interface Action {
Returns true if this action should be called on this request. All dispatch rules have succeeded and this is a last-resort gate (for example, to handle special headers or gate IPs etc.).
  boolean shouldCall(Request request);

Invoke this action!

page The page object on which to call this action. Aka: the 'resource'.
map A map of path variables (fragments) to their values.
an instance of Reply, Redirect or null to trigger a 500 error.
  Object call(Request requestObject pageMap<StringStringmapthrows IOException;
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